Das Boot

“You don’t have to say anything… I already know.”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Well, when you don’t call or text…”

“You know I love you right?”

I went in for one last hug, but she declined. We both agreed that we had some serious fun and left it at that. After she left I almost felt like crying. So far… nothing. My mind has been made up for at least a week. I guess thats the advantage of having your heart so totally shattered previously that it can never quite be put back together the same way. Nothing compares to that initial heartbreak in terms of severity.

Ive always been the dumpee rather than the dumper. Honestly, Im sitting here wishing I could feel more, but I guess thats the price you pay for studying seduction. I have a feeling the blues will strike sometime next week when I least expect it.

I plan to write in detail about the experience, but I need some time to distance myself from the whole thing. Most of the field reports on my blog were written some time after the fact. I think it helps me be objective about the whole thing. I put my soul into pickup, I don’t think pre packaged routines and online spamming are superior to that.

Alright gentlemen, Get out there and break some hearts.

… I guess.


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