Some Tunes

They’re a bit on the eclectic side.

Chasin Galaxies – GRiZ

This track takes a little time to while to warm up. But nobody is going to complain as the synth and sample lines gradually grow more complex. Finally the Wu-Tang hook piques interest as the drop rumbles its way into one of your new favorite electronica tunes. Uses: Expanding universal and spiritual consciousness.

667 – Bluetech (Kayla Scintilla Remix)

Tribal bongos might be the listeners first clue that this song ain’t run of the mill. Definitely slower with plenty of bass, this little diddy keeps you guessing with indigenous instruments blended perfectly with dirty synths. Uses: Easy listening while chopping up lines on the coffee table with raver girls. (not that I know anything about that)

Lisztomania – Phoenix (Alex Metric Remix)

Wasting no time, one of my favorite underdog DJs Alex Metric, gets right to a four on the floor pounding. If listeners are fans of the band Phoenix, they will be blown away by spectacular builds that don’t interrupt the flow. Uses: Dancing… or pumping out some reps… your choice.

La Fong – Opiuo (ft. D-Sens)

Definitely dirty. Definitely hypnotic. This track finds that elusive balance between interlude and groove. If you’re a Bassophile, you’re sure to not be disappointed. Uses: Driving all night after 16 hours of manual labour.

December, 1963 – The Four Seasons

This song needs no explanation.

Zion – Fluke

Who could forget this scene huh? Bare feet sliding in the mud… Naked bodies grinding with wild abandon… A half-assed sex scene with two actors who aren’t very good looking… Well I’ve put a name to it and found some classic techno that people will recognize but won’t be able to place. Uses: Fending off the impending doom of thousands of angry squid like robots.


Site Disclaimer

I didn’t want to do this. No matter how politely I phrase this its going to come off sounding annoyed. Having said that… I will write about whatever I damn well please. I make no money whatsoever off my writing. This blog came about as an outlet for all the thoughts that rattle around in my head every day. I used to write blowhard purple pill crap on my Facebook feed before I found the ‘sphere in massive frustration that nobody seemed to care about all the lies being shoved down our throats every day. Now I’ve found a community of like minded individuals who I can discuss these things with and not have to feel like a total outcast. I understand that theres money involved. Well not on my end. If I inadvertently step on anyones toes with the ideas I propagate on this page… Well I feel badly about that. Im not a self-improvement guru. Im not a PUA. Im not a MGTOW. Im not a politician. Im a little bit of all these things. This is a live action account of my life according to red pill principles. Especially my failures. I will not sugarcoat my life just to give off the image that Im getting everything right every time. Any self improvement advice I give has always linked directly to the experts. Starting this blog (whatever it is) has been great. I don’t want to see writers discouraged from joining this community because you run the risk of messing with someones money. Lastly, this is the internet. Its as close to a functioning anarchy as humans will ever get. You’re allowed to disagree with someone. Ive seen my writing and ideas floating amongst and plastered in a dozen other websites. Im not complaining about that. If you build off my ideas; great. If you disagree with me, thats great too. Thats kinda what we’re all about. Coming to the truth by any means necessary. Combating the decay of our society. And most of all, being happy on an individual basis.

I seriously did not expect such a backlash on my “Want vs. Need” post. So far Chris has been the only one to agree with me on this mindset conundrum.

The Retardation Of Going Green

Make sure to shut off the lights when you leave the house. Don’t leave the tap running while your brush your teeth. If you leave your vehicle running thats wasteful. Make sure to recycle your batteries. They are hazardous to the environment… Thats what it all comes down to huh… The environment. After all, we only have one planet. No shit. To be honest, I wouldn’t have a problem with any of these things if I didn’t have to hear about them all the time. Why though, is everyone harping on minutiae? Its more than concern for the environment now isn’t it? They’ve all been hearing this crap so long that its become something more hasn’t it? I have a feeling a genuine concern for the well being of our planet has since morphed into scarcity mentality. Thats not really what I want to address in this post though. I just wanted to clue everyone in on some basic math regarding the “green” generation of electricity.

This rant started when I heard about a proposed 5 cent gas tax to maintain the roads. Its being stalled because of an argument that goes something like: “Hybrid car drivers buy less gas, but use the roads just as much as everyone else.” True. Why should they get to skip out on a tax just because they are willing to drive a gutless piece of crap? But the argument goes further. Much further. If you look into the process of manufacturing the batteries for hybrid cars you will find much more environmental pollution than any standard petrol guzzler. (This is the part where Obama supporters stick their fingers in their ears and say “Nah Nah Nah Nah Not Listening!) But thats not even the worst part of hybrid vehicles. They are tremendously inefficient. Now I’m not an electrical engineer, so take this with a grain of salt, but its a pretty basic rule that the energy you put into producing a “green” source of power is more than the “green” generator will produce in its entire lifetime. This holds true for the generators in hybrid vehicles. This holds true for solar panels. This holds true for wind turbines. The initial cost, combined with the cost for maintenance and repair put you at an energy deficit. Every time. How do we make up for these costs? You guessed it. The evil industries of coal and oil.

“So wait Grody, let me get this straight. We are actually mining more petroleum to fund these technologies that are supposed to save energy than if we would have just left them alone?”


“But surely there must be some energy saving going on?”

No. Its all bubkus. You know those fancy electric cars they are coming out with? Ya, those are probably the most inefficient monstrosities of all. You see, when you put electrical energy in a wire, you lose about half of it. Poof. Its gone. It dissipates in the wire. So instead of putting out half as much smog on the road as you zip along, you are producing twice as much smog at the factory. Brilliant. Don’t even get me started on bio-diesel. Your taking perfectly edible food and rendering it into foul smelling fuel at an efficiency of 1/13. Thats fucking retarded. Why don’t we just take the day off instead of wasting it on a big circle jerk every year? Hell I would rather we shipped that excess food overseas and gave it to warlords… I mean starving people.

Enough ranting. Whats the solution huh? Well we already know the answer to that question don’t we. How many times does a U.S. submarine that carries warheads around the world have to gas up? Heres my proposal. Instead of funding all these green programs millions upon millions of wasted dollars, we take that pile of money and throw it at nuclear research. Containment research. We have enough power to last us until the andromeda galaxy collides with our own, if we could just pull our heads out of our collective asses.

In the meantime. Im gonna share with you a nifty little trick to get rid of those pesky mosquitoes. Just dump used motor oil in the ditch. They can’t breed or drink or do anything if they can’t get to the water. Works every time.

Why Im A Sexist

Usually the socio-political discussions I engage in are limited to my family. Whenever the conversation goes on for any length of time the accusation of sexism always gets thrown around. I don’t want to contribute my tax dollars to welfare single baby mommas? Sexist. I think that female CEOs and bosses of any variety are poor leaders? Sexist. Im of the opinion that everyones insurance premiums are going up to pay for women’s birth control is complete bullshit? Sexist. They never come out and say it with clear conviction; “Grody, you’re a sexist!” They always say it in a roundabout way, looking at all the participants of the discussion for support. I got a little tired of the ring-around-the-rosie way they were labeling me, so I started outright asking them; “Are you accusing me of being a sexist?” to which the answer was always a whimpered “Yes.”

“So what?”

I am a sexist. I discriminate against people based on sex. I would have to be a real dunce not to notice all the shitty treatment chicks have been leveling at me since day one. Thats the beauty of going Galt. (or MGTOW before Elam ruined it.) I can walk around every day being “Grody the sexist” and it has absolutely no effect on my life whatsoever. If I were going to hire someone to run machinery, I would hire a man. If I were going to hire a secretary, I would hire a woman. If I could afford it, I would pay the man more because his job is actually dangerous. Does that piss you girls off?


In the life I lead, you have absolutely no legal way to impose consequences on me. Im outside your matrix. This “sexist” label is just another shaming tool designed to shut you up. It has no power at all when you are outside of a conventional employment or social structure. By the same token I could be a racist or a homophobe (homo-hater?) if I wanted to. However I see no reason for that because those two groups (minorities and fags) aren’t constantly trying to police what I say. As far as I know theres no laws against “being a jerk”


The Mission

Words, words, words… What are all these words we constantly read always about? Why do we write them? Why do we go about our days digesting and thinking about the concepts others convey to us through these words? We mull over our responses and disagreements, sometimes paying little attention to what we are currently engaged in. I believe, most words are conceived and birthed with one simple intention.

To be Happy, and share that happiness.

Its working. At least for me. Once you actually start to think and observe it all starts falling into place. Granted, there are growing pains at first as your world reorders and restructures itself to fit into a new reality were your baseline level happiness increases day by day. Throughout my journey I’ve found one simple strategy for satisfaction, even in the worst of circumstances. You’ve heard it a million times.


Want to feel better? Say thank you. If you can stop for just one second and think of something you genuinely appreciate about your life or current circumstances, hold that concept in your mind, give it words within your mind, and broadcast your gratitude about that thing to the atmosphere, you will feel happier. But don’t just take my word for it. Try it. Right now. Pick something. Im serious. Do it.

There. Feel better? I thought so. If you can manage to remember what I just taught you at various points in the day it will add to your life significantly. Even someone in the shittiest mudhole on earth could use this tactic to great benefit. I can bet you that a grunt who was fated to die in the trenches during WWI managed to think to himself – “Death looms over my soul every waking hour. I haven’t washed in weeks. My wife is probably sleeping with her boss. My feet are rotting inside my boots… But you know what? This cigarette tastes excellent right now. I think I’ll blow a pretty blue smoke ring, that will drift away and disperse… ”

Thats the power of positive thinking. Even the tiniest glimmer of light in the darkness renders the evil insignificant. Like one twinkling star in an infinite void of darkness… What would your eyes naturally choose to see? Would you turn your back on that one star in this hypothetical vacuum? Would you face the other way and choose to see nothing but blackness? You could… But I’m guessing its not your natural inclination. You would gaze at that one speck of light knowing there was something else out there. That even if the whole rest of the universe was dismal you would know there was hope. Even if it took you a million years, you would blow out puffs of air, one inch of gain at a time, to get to that star.

Galadriel: Why the Halfling? 

Gandalf: I do not know. Saruman believes it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay… small acts of kindness and love. Why Bilbo Baggins? Perhaps it is because I am afraid… and he gives me courage.

So. Now that you know this crucial secret to happiness, will you keep it to yourself? Will you let your fellow man turn his back on the good inherent in the world and focus only on the bullshit? Will you be the crab that escapes the bucket and goes on his merry crab way, or will you lend a claw downward and help the other crabs escape their own negativity?

The sad fact is, most people have no patience for deep thinking or philosophy. You could attempt to explain this concept in so many words, as I have just done, but they will probably accuse you of being a dork, and stop listening. Instead, do what I have started doing. Give words to the simple gratitude.

When you are eating ribs at your favorite BBQ joint say:

“MMMmmm… I can’t believe the universe delivered something so perfect, right to me.”

When you see a particularly beautiful sunset don’t simply settle for “Wow, thats so beautiful.” Really try to engage their minds and bring them into the whole phenomenon. Enthrall them. Drag them into the creation.

“Look at the way the purple bleeds into the red! Is that green? You don’t normally see that color in a sunset”

In a cold room in January, as you turn on the space heater:

“Its so ingenious. Electricity is running through these elements. The resistance it meets turns them red and gives them heat. It blows my mind how something so small can solve one of the greatest problems humans have ever faced. Its ours. Its for us…

It was made for us…

All I’ve Got To Say About Anita Sarkeesian

Seems like everyone has something to say about this revolutionary woman. She’s turned the world of gaming upside down with relatively no effort while turning a real handsome profit. However, my opinion of her can be summed up pretty quickly. In just two words actually. You ready?

Would Bang.

If you wan’t some warm fuzzies and to help take her and her poisonous ilk down a peg, visit Aurinis’ Patreon page.

Bad Boy

“I miss it”.

“Aw shit… what now?”

“Poppin Molly. That stuff makes me feel amazing. Colors are more vivid. Bass is more fantastic. Conversations are brighter. If I could just snort some Molly every now and again we could have such a great time.”

“Every now and again? Do you even realize what you’re saying? Forget it. Im not having this conversation again.”

“Oh just admit it. You miss it too.

Miss what? We’re not talking about MDMA anymore are we?”

“Remember that time you drove away with a thousand dollars worth of company property? Loaded that shit up like it was no big deal in broad daylight. Then you drove like a bat out of hell for a thousand miles. Haha… Had to take the wheel from your bro cause he couldn’t handle his shit on all that hallucinogenic crap you three were smoking.”

“Dude, you could have lost your job for that little stunt. It wasn’t worth it.”

“Ya, but we made a great memory. Speaking of memories, you remember the time you secretly dosed your buddies with bath salts and convinced them all to go to the strip club? You got two hundred bucks in ones and really fucked up that strippers routine by making it rain on her ho ass. Damn, everyone had a blast that night.”

“You don’t even know what that shit was! You could have given someone a heart attack! Not to mention… What a terrifically retarded waste of money.”

“Oh chill out. Everyone was fine. And money was easy to come by back then. Now, I know you miss that part. A hundred and forty feet in the air above a frozen tundra, getting the best workout of your life… Toxic chemicals and radioactivity… Making ten thousand pound hunks of iron fly wherever you pointed. Grabbing a fire extinguisher and waging war against the blaze with your brothers in arms, knowing you could all blow up at any second. Taking the controls of that evil machine and making it your bitch… You miss the fuckin danger! Admit it.”

“Ok… Ya. I do miss that. But you know, statistically speaking what we’re doing right now isn’t that much further down the list in terms of danger.”

“But wheres the glory!? Theres no risk anymore. Thats what I live for. The possibility of getting busted. We used to have so much fun. Calling up 100 dollar hookers on, driving around with your buddies hammered and shooting up road signs. Smuggling cocaine out of California…”

“You never even took that job!”

“Yes, but I appreciated the offer. Nowadays you’d never get an offer like that. All you fuckin do is work, read, try and eat right, lift weights, play guitar, and write dumb shit on your stupid little blog.”

“Hey! We’re trying to restore virtue to this society! There was a time when this culture wasn’t so completely backwards. People had morals. Thats what me and the other guys are trying to restore. One mind at a time. We’re trying to save other men from our fate.”

“Blah, blah, blah, virtue… Blah, blah, blah, blah, Morality. You sound like an alter boy. What happened to you man? You used to be a bad boy. And not this PUA-smoke-and-mirrors-balogna-bad-boy bullshit that you hear about online… A real bad boy. Sluts used to THROW themselves at you.”

“Oh for Christ’s sake… Is that what this is all about? Your image?”

“Face it homie. Right now, all you are is b-”

“Shut your fucking mouth. Don’t you dare say it.”


“Alright jackass. Thats it. You’ve made your point and now its time to shut up and listen. The reason Im constantly droning on about morality is because you have a severe deficit of it. All those things you mentioned have one key characteristic in common. You were hurting someone. Now I’m not the Dali Lama, but I’m pretty sure thats the basis of morality. If it hurts someone, its not a wise thing to be doing.”

“Come on now, most of the time I was just hurting myself.”

“Exactly! Its no wonder you treated other people like crap when you couldn’t even respect yourself. Face it dude. You had a death wish. You probably drove off the road at least a dozen times while blackout drunk. You used to call black people niggers to their face, not out of racism, but because you wanted to pick a fight. Don’t even get me started on that pistol… You were there. I don’t need to remind you what almost happened. You would drop acid every chance you got.”

“Harmless fun.”

“No. It absolutely is not. Don’t you realize that every time you mess with that shit you go just a little bit crazier?”

“Im not crazy!”

“No, you’re not. But do you even realize what you’re doing right now? You’re having a diametrically opposed debate with yourself. Most people frown on that.”

“They all do it too. They just won’t admit it.”

“Stop changing the subject. You wanna talk about memories? Ok fine. Remember the time you stayed up all night smoking crack with that weird guy with strippers passed out all over your house? When you finally turned in at seven in the morning do you remember what you felt like?”

“… Like… The biggest piece of shit on planet earth…”

“Do you know why? Something was wrong. You weren’t living the life of a virtuous man. You were living the life of a sucker fish. Thats what your subconscious was screaming at you that day. But did you listen?”


“Lets take another trip down memory lane shall we? Ill paint a little picture since you’re so fond of it. Trailer park. Mattress on floor. You in brand new clothes but for some reason deciding you didn’t feel like showering even though you smelled like a carcass left in the sun. Teeth rotting out of your head from all the stimulants, and weed, and cigarettes. There you sat, calling every single person in your phone. Nobody answered. At that moment you couldn’t lie to yourself anymore. They weren’t not picking up because they were working, or their family was in town, or they were studying… They weren’t answering because they knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you were a b-”

“No! Stop!”



“Look… Hey man, Im sorry… But you needed to hear it. Besides. Its not all bad. What about lifting weights and looking in the mirror to see a markedly sexier version of yourself? Thats pretty “bad boy” ain’t it? How about speaking intelligently on topics you had no idea existed a year ago? Looking all smart and shit… How about being able to see behind the curtain when attracting females? Knowing all the tricks to get that smokin’ hottie into your bed.”

‘Haha… Ya… I guess…”

“And then we fuck her brains out! We give her the dick until she can’t even moan anymore! Until she can’t even move and her hands and feet go numb from the mind blowing orgasms we give her! Ain’t that “bad boy”?”

“Hell ya!”

“Just you wait dude. Ive got plans for the both of us. First, motorcycle. Then, travel. Then DJ. You’re a completely free agent now. You can go anywhere and do anything you want. The world is your oyster now. You don’t need booze and chemicals to enjoy it anymore. You’re still a bad boy.”

“Ya… I guess you’re right…”

“I know I am. Now c’mon. Lets go eat a cookie. Right now I really don’t care how bad for me it is… I guess you’re rubbing off on me.”

Inner Monologue During Church

Here we go again. Another fun filled morning of guilt and superstition. I wonder if my grandparents know I’m only doing this because they are going to croak any year now and I want to spend time with them… At least my hair looks good today. Is there such a thing as a “good hair day”? Why do we need to come here anyway? If God is everywhere, then what makes this building so damn special? I wonder if these posers even bother talking to God apart from getting on their knees to suck his dick. Ill sit. Ill stand. But I ain’t kneeling. … Oh Shit! She’s here! Talk about cutting it close.

“The lord be with you. … And also with you”

Aw… Wheres your sister? Im pretty sure she’s the one more interested in me. Isn’t that how it always works though? Ha! Thats right I’m eye fucking you hard. You better look away. Big ole boobs… probably C… and a half. Is that how bra sizes work? And that ass. Plump and curvey in all the right places. You definitely know how to buy modest clothing that shows you off well. That nose too. Its almost as big as mine. If we had a kid it would be the nose king of earth. You’re probably 17. Please let me be wrong. Please be 18. I know you’re going to age well by looking at your mom. When I first met your mom I thought she was my age and gave her some kino. How was I supposed to know she was the county attorney? Divorced three times. What is she even doing here? Aren’t there some rules against that? Black widow lawyer. Hmmm… maybe pursuing her is not the most prudent course of action. Aw screw it. Id be a fool not to try and tap that. Ill probably try to game you and end up taking your sister as a consolation prize anyway. Thats usually how my newbie game works.

“May almighty God forgive us our sins…”

Theres my second cousin Stanley. Why is everybody named Stanley in this town? You fat pretentious dumbass. Enjoy your new wife. Im looking at her right now jerkoff. She’s a hard six. I have it on good authority that she’s an insufferable slut. I can’t wait to see you at the next family gathering. The next time you passively aggressively insult me I’m going call you a fat pretentious dumbass in front of both our families. I know what will happen next. You will back off like the blue pill pussy you are and everyone will feign indignation towards me. Inside they will know you deserve much worse than that, and be secretly celebrating me for having the balls to call a bitch a bitch. “Oh he’s just Grody! Haha. You can’t take everything he says seriously.” Why will they be secretly cheering for me? Because they all know you followed the script to a T and subconsciously… everyone despises that. I hope your slut of a wife cuckolds you and divorces in five years. Can you even grow facial hair dude?

“Lord have meeeeercy! Christ have meeeeeeercy!”

I guess thats one of the core tenets of this religion. Policing your own thoughts. Am I having thoughts that are “bad”? Ha, probably. What a great way to control people. You can’t even be free in your own head! Ive seen things in this world that lead me to the conclusion that there is a method to the madness. I think God is trying to talk to us through coincidences. He subtly draws our attention to symbols in a way that communicates his point in a roundabout way. Maintaining plausible deniability at all times. That one thing? That one coincidence that took your breath away when you wondered how it was possible to see something so meaningful in random events? Sorry man, it was no coincidence. It was ordained. I don’t agree with policing your thoughts. With forcing things out of your head because they are “bad”. I do however think monitoring your thoughts is a good practice. What you think is what you get. It makes no sense to deny the nature God bestowed upon us. I was built to fuck and fight. So thats what Im gonna think about. Thats what I’m gonna do.

“Let us go in peace.”

Thank God.

A Thought On Terrible Posture

Its a widely known fact that people have been getting taller as the decades roll onward. The primary reason cited is an increase in total nutrition and volume of food available to the modern man. Never mind the fact that women select reproductively for height. In the 18th century the average height for a caucasian man was 5’5″. In 300 years average height has shot up to about 5’10”. Five inches isn’t that big of a deal right? Well, lets put it this way… If you woke up tomorrow five inches taller do you suppose people wouldn’t notice? This is just talking averages and ignoring outliers.

Ive included one of those things they make you learn how to interpret in fourth grade if you like those kinda things. (I’m guessing the height is in centimeters. I dunno, I’m ‘murican.)

So confusing…

Whats my point? Im getting there dammit.

I live in a house that was constructed 120 years ago. My people weren’t exactly the tallest in the land either, so this is reflected in their construction. Ive been blessed to rise to a height of six feet on the dot, even coming from below average height parents. (Milk man?) However, when I navigate this house I’m constantly having to stoop and navigate with my head facing downwards. I have to hunch just to fucking see what I’m doing. When I pilot cars and trucks from the 70s and 80s its obvious that the vehicles were not designed with my size in mind. My legs have to scrunch and sometimes my head even hits the ceiling. Counters, chairs, toilets, desks… All that stuff is made for someone a few to several inches shorter than me.

As we all know, posture and the way you hold yourself is directly related to your testosterone production. My question is, if we are being forced by our very surroundings to assume a submissive posture? If the answer to that is yes, as I’ve tried to illustrate, what can we do about it?

Burn down your old house and start driving a Hummer.

Hey I didn’t say I had a viable solution…