Someone just told me not to stop blogging. Odd, because near as I can tell, he completely deleted his own website… Ill admit, I like my blog. Theres quite a few gems in there. Would be quite a few more if I had bothered to write in it these last few months. Whenever I think of starting up my blog again, a certain topic always moves to the front of my mind.

I only really write substantially when Im not all that happy.

I suppose its a self diagnosis/prescription tool.

Whatever it was, it must have worked. Im tempted to tell you the things Ive found out. “”How I did it”” as it were. But then I remember that the blogging community is mostly filled with the cynics, misanthropes, haters, and every once in a while… Depressed person just trying to figure out how to be happy. Even If I laid it all out in vivid detail, you wouldn’t believe me.

But I suppose if you’ve found me I at least owe it to you to divulge some of my discoveries. Consider this a pledge to fill you in on the last several months of my life, and how I mostly left the blogosphere behind.