How I Made 100 Bucks

I was in college. So ya, I was broke. Im sure you’ve been there before. There comes a point where you’re so broke you’ll take whatever you can to make some money. I looked on the universities’ “careers” website, and every single job they offered required some sort of certification, “people skills”, or literally being a woman… But then there it was, the diamond in the rough; somewhere on about page 16 there was a job at a meat processing plant in the neighboring village 20 miles away. Well being the good little boy that I was, I printed off a fresh resume and dressed in clean clothes to make a good impression.

I arrived at what appeared to be just a normal house with an oversized garage in a residential area. Immediately it dawned upon me that the clean clothes and resume were probably entirely unnecessary. “Im looking for the boss.” “Well you’re looking at him.” I gave him a firm handshake and explained I was looking for a job. I was told to show up tomorrow. Well that was easy.

It was Saturday morning and I was bright and early at 8am. I was told to wear “throw away clothes”, another good sign. It was the dead middle of hunting season and a weekend to boot. A handheld electric jigsaw was thrust into my hands and I was immediately put to work cutting off heads and legs of animals. After the extremities were removed a hook attached to a roller was placed in the hawkes and an electronic hoist was used the lift the carcass’s onto a rail that ran the circumference of the garage.

When I inquired as to the rank stench emanating off each and every dead animal that came under my charge, I was told frankly that they piss on themselves to attract females. Eureka! Another weapon in my game arsenal. Some bucks had a nice rack and the customer would watch as I sawed into the skulls until I struck brain matter in order to remove them. Every time enough limbs and heads had been removed to fill a wheelbarrow I made my way to an industrial dumpster in the back yard. Every time on the way back the biggest mongrel you’ve ever seen strained the chains on its leash and loudly informed me in dog language that he wanted to rip my guts out. Once I got to the dumpster I had to maneuver my way up a set of stairs made from pallets and 2x4s, heave the wheelbarrow filled with gore up past my chest and dump it. Blood leaked out from holes in the bottom of the dumpster and pooled at the base. Some of it was running into the neighbors yard…

I asked the owner, “Hey that dog is huge! How can you afford to feed him?”

“Grody, I run a meat shop.”

Dumb people don’t really appreciate my sense of humor…

Once the rush of dead bodies subsided a little bit, I was tasked with taking the skinned carcass’s to the freezer. The boss insisted that all of them be put on the same rail. This particular rail was a simple 2×4 attached to the wall with heavy spikes. It was already overfull and I could tell it was going to go because the spikes were pulling away from the wall. But, the guy insisted that they all go on there. Well, the last damn animal that could have possibly fit was the one to break the camels back. All the slippery dead bodies cascaded down upon me and slid across the concrete floor like hockey pucks. I told the people in the shop what had happened and that I needed a hammer and some spikes. Nobody really seemed too worried that peoples food was laying on the floor. But, I was determined to fix the problem as quickly as possible in order to avoid thinking about how much this job sucked. After pounding in three times as many spikes as were in before I went beast mode on their dead asses. Dead lifting about 20 frozen hunks of venison onto their original hooks.

The boss gave me some knives and an apron. Now I was going to learn butchery. Theres a lot more craftsmanship to it than Id anticipated. I had hardly made any progress when 8pm hit and everyone ditched their knives and aprons and started cleaning up. We used a push broom and hose to wash the gore into drains in the center of the concrete floor. We would then remove the plastic drain covers and dig out the flecks of sinew, meat, and fat into the garbage can. Again, I was in charge of the garbage can. My coworker needed a ride home, as his car had recently broken down. As I dropped him off at the trailer park I remember thinking “I hope he doesn’t wear that disgusting fedora to a night on the town”

The second day held even more treats for me. A half rotten moose that had turned green. Ripping out the ivory of several Elk with a pair of vise grips. Getting so sweaty in 35 degree weather that I had to strip down to my wife beater. One of the female butchers in the shop made a comment that I was attractive. My boss agreed. Ooookay…

The next week I got arrested and had my license temporarily suspended. What a great excuse to never return to that shithole. I had a friend of mine pick up my weekends pay. About 110 dollars.


Don’t Steal Muh Sperm

That week I had cashed out my retirement account. (no regrets, enjoy the decline) So on a Friday morning I decided to skip all my classes and go shop for some slick new threads. I had been in the gym every day for the last four months and was looking good. I bought all new ski clothes and immediately wanted to go skiing. Figured Id kill two birds with one stone and try to get laid as well. Phoned up a number I collected earlier in the week and told her what the deal was. I managed to drag her out of her house and we were headed to the mountain. A cool chick. Short an skanky blonde with piercings and tats. We were having a good conversation until she mentioned she was in a fight with someone of the male persuasion. Thats about all I was able to gather as I told her.

“Look, Im not interested in any of that. Im Grody, and you’re here with me now. As far as I’m concerned, he doesn’t exist. Forget about it for the moment.”

So much for getting laid. Oh well, at least we could have some fun on the mountain. Wrong again. She texted whats his face in between runs and was a complete energy vampire. Eventually she asked me to give her a ride into town a few hours earlier than I expected so she could pick up whats his face from work. I politely declined and told her to hitch hike into town. Finally I could have some fun. Most people, let alone, females can’t keep up with me on an alpine adventure.

So it was a bust for getting some poon, but at least I had some fun on the mountain and didn’t go to boring school. I returned to town to a house full of my buddies watching sports. An acquaintance wasn’t having much luck on tinder so I took the reins from him and started just saying the most retarded shit. (“Ey Beeyatch, what chyo numb?”) It worked. I got way more responses with PeeWees Playhouse humor than any “getting to know you” crap. After I built the attraction he immediately wanted his phone back so he could fuck it all up. Oh well. He knew of a house party we could go to. I still had helmet hair so I went to my buddies bathroom so I could specifically wash my hair. Everyone made fun of me.

We got to the house and maybe a dozen people were playing beer pong in a freezing garage. The tinny stereo echoed way too softly for a party. Holy shit. Is this a house party? I must be getting old. The girls there were hot, but stuck up and quite obviously attached to their boyfriends. So I contented myself with flirting with my friends girlfriend and making her really uncomfortable, teasing her about all of her weight loss being from her tits.

Here she come. With a twelve pack box of Bud Light Limearitas. This girl wanted dick. I said very little to her but stood next to her and touched her lower back. We made maybe one innuendo. I started flirting with her tall blonde friend, who was much more attractive, in front of her. Pretty much the only thing I remember saying to her at that party was “I bet you can’t chug one of those in under 10 seconds.” Oh boy she proved me wrong. Excellent. She stole my baseball cap. Revealing my perfectly clean waufty hair. Didn’t talk to her for another half an hour as she wandered around in my hat. She ended up talking a bunch of shit to the owners of the house and they kicked her out. She was on her way out the door. “Hey, you can’t leave with my hat!” I grabbed it by the bill to spin her around and we started  making out.

I gave her a ride back to her place, sucking face the entire way. When we got in the door of the dumpy rented bungalo there was no pretense. While her roommates started watching Zoolander and smoking hookah, we were getting naked in the next room like 10 feet away. The room had nothing in it but a mattress and a stack of condoms immediately to my left when I entered the room. Perfect.

She insisted on putting the condom on with her mouth, and I’m pretty sure she nibbled on the reservoir tip to put a hole in it. She looked at the nicotine patch I had on my chest and without warning ripped it off. (“Ow!”) She started fake moaning and squeezing my balls really hard and saying stupid shit like “MMMmm you’re sooo deep inside me!” I blew a nut immediately anyways. I threw that condom at the foot of the bed and rolled on a new one. I was recharging for a second and felt like asking her about the 6 inch scar right between her breasts.

Her: “I had open heart surgery a month ago. Bad valves. Now I have pig valves. I hate the scar. Its so ugly.”

Me: “We all have scars. I almost died once too. I have a metal plate in my head.”

Her: “Haha, ya whatever.”

Ok… So much for trying to relate on an emotional level. I started fucking her again. This time really hard. She grunted like a stuck pig. Then… A knock on the door. Her roommate needed to go to the bathroom, which was only accessible via the room we were naked in. What a great floor plan. I stood naked as she went to the door and both of them went to the bathroom together. Now that I had gotten rid of a load of jam my cognitive faculties were rapidly returning to me. This was weird/dumb. I got dressed quick as a jackrabbit and was about to bounce when she got out of the bathroom and begged me to stay. Well…  Alright… I told her to “Bend the fuck over.”

Theres some awesome power dynamic fucking a girl doggy style when you’re fully dressed and she’s naked. Its duuurdy. Well, mid stroke she reaches up to my dick and rips the condom off. Ok. Enough. Zipping up my pants, I said,

“I don’t appreciate that shit.”

I walked out the door and immediately came back in…

“And Im taking this shit with me” As I stuffed the previously discarded condom into my pocket. The contents squishing everywhere…

I was gone.

The Third Eye: Occult VooDoo, or Legitimate Metaphysicality?

In case you were wondering… No, metaphysicality is not a real word.

Its a pretty difficult topic to cover. There is a lot of new age stigma attached to this concept. Putting aside spirit crystals and channeling for the moment; lets get down to brass tacks and explain what the Third Eye actually is. You can search online all day and never really get a clear answer. Some words commonly associated are: Potential, Perception, Knowing, Judgement, Intention… In effect, all of these words are trying to convey to you a form of otherworldly awareness. If you want to know exactly what the third eye is, I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that

nobody really knows…

If they did, that would take a lot of the fun out of it, wouldn’t it? The only clear thing about the Third Eye is that it is a sensory organ of some type. It is commonly used to judge the character of others, predict the future, and communicate telepathically. Wise men have, for centuries, been awakening this dormant awareness to seek truths mere plebes cannot begin to fathom. Sounds neat huh!? I bet you all can’t wait to get started on opening it. Not so fast. How can you judge others with all that baggage you’re carrying around?

I had just quit my job and isolated myself from all friends and most family. I was looking for answers. I was using hallucinogens and weed to escape and meditate. There had to be an answer out there somewhere. I found information on opening the Third Eye. Well, since I already had been practicing meditation it wasn’t much of a step to include the opening procedures listed on the internet. Yes. That pressure in the middle of my forehead. It was working… Then came the night visions. Clouds of insects devouring the world. Family framing me and sending me to jail. Horrific sex scenes of beastiailty. Anything that and everything under the sun that could put me off. It ruined my day, my week, my months. When would these horrific visions subside? What in the world could save me from them? Not to mention my thoughts seemed to broadcast to others. Not the reverse. I was a wreck. One night when the prospect of facing another fresh horror was too much, I said to the darkness. “Not tonight… Not again. I just can’t do it tonight.” Dreamless sleep. Mercy. What this told me what that I was working with another conscious entity. (if not many) See I had opened my Third Eye without much research into the whole process. I just thought it would be sweet to see the future. Now that I knew I wasn’t the source of all these nightmares I could handle them properly. By not giving a fuck. Longtime friend stabbing me in the neck with a spear? “Huh weird” Car wreck leaving me as a quadriplegic? “Dam that sux” Eventually I started laughing at whatever could be conjured up as it was happening. Thats when the visions left me in peace, returning to my regularly scheduled programming of strangeness without the horror.

Ive come out the other side of the nightmares a much more fearless individual. Thats what this opening process was teaching me. Fear is pointless. You know who doesn’t deserve the awesome power of a sixth sense? A scaredy puss afraid of his own nightmares, however horrible they might be. All your fears and insecurities will be laid bare. But they will be laid bare before you and nobody else. Deal with them however you need.

My third eye has been opened. I can feel the pressure in my forehead, and know things that I should have no way of knowing. The night it awakened I knew, just knew that my friend would be arrested for drunk driving. I went on a quest with his girlfriend at the time to bail him out. She had lost her wallet and I knew it was in her sheets. When we got to her bedroom I knew that I could have had sex with her. I also knew it was the wrong thing to do.

My life is on a much better path because of this awakening. Your life would probably benefit psychologically too. But beware, it aint for pussys.

Diaubeetus is unavoidable, so don’t even try.

Well everyone Ive got good news. There is absolutely nothing you can do to avoid type 2 diabeetus. So you can stop all that eating right and pesky exercise. You see, it turns out that if your family is predisposed to diabetes then thats just genetics. Some people win genetics and most people lose genetics. My family is highly prone to this completely random and indiscriminate disease so Id like to provide a case study to show you how random this monstrosity really is.

Grandpa- Had back surgery at 58 and got really fat, then got diaubeetus

Grandma- Got fat 10 years ago, and genetics magically decided to give her diaubeetus

1st son- Former marine, fit, no diabeetus

2nd son- Gastrointerologist, takes lots of walks, fit, no diabeetus

3rd son- Retired for 20 years, always been fat, got diabeetus

4th son- Eats candy and soda all day, getting fat, getting diabeetus

5th son- Ate junk food all day while playing dark age of camelot. Super fat. Died of a brain tumor with… DIABEETUS!

I get my catheters through Liberty Mutual

Well looks like my folks are right. I can’t logically draw any sort of conclusions from that list. After #NoNothingNovember I think Ill just go right back to swilling sugar water with all the medical professionals who got their degree on Fox News.


Seriously though… Habits make or break you. Even if this nasty disease were completely random, what good would it do you to think within a powerless framework? My experience with forsaking sugared drinks has been made a whole lot harder because these people who claim to love me are constantly pushing this poison on me. It just goes to show that there are those who will not take kindly to your self improvement journey. Why? Because you are reminding them that they could have done something different. Cut down on the sugar gents. Its only been 2 weeks and I’ve lost two belt notches. Oh ya… and the next time someone tries to tell you all they know about genetics just ask them if they can pronounce the long version of “DNA” odds are they can’t..

A Love Letter

Ever since we met, you’ve always been there for me. Growing up ain’t easy, and it was good to know I always had a friend nearby to calm me down when the world spat on me. You taught me that, by God, if the world is gonna spit on you, you turn right back around and spit on it! Heh, we’ve had some good times you and me. The vodka bonging… 17 hour acid trips… Ski bumming around the state… If I’m having a good time you’re always right there to make it just that much better. You make good times better and terrible times tolerable. Long sleepy drives with nobody to bounce ideas off of except for you; thanks for keeping me awake and alive… Boring ass college lecture halls filled with emasculated zombies and blatant marxist rhetoric… I remember having to submerge my hands in salt water in -30 degree weather and work with iron; the only one to comfort me that day was you. You give me a commonality with so many men, we will always have something to talk about because we all adore you so much. Hell, when I kiss a woman, I want her to kiss you too. She needs to know about the relationship we have.

I miss you Copenhagen…

Will you have me back after #NoNothingNovember?

#NoNothingNovember Leads To Dumpster Diving

Grody goes there so you don’t have to. As any male with an above average libido knows, after about a week of abstinence, things tend to become a little distorted. About the only time I manage to get away from this ranch is when my room mate drives to town to waste money at Texas-hold-em. I was playing like shit, more to fill up the evening than anything else. I scan the limited country bar to see the new waitress tripping over her own feet after she makes eye contact. A few minutes later I see her and the bar tender blatantly discussing me. (A lot of game is just pulling your head out of your ass, seriously…) I stand up from the poker table, throw my shoulders back, march over there and loudly ask what the hell is going on. Long and short of it is this new waitress is creaming her jeans over me. I kino early and make myself unavailable shortly after introductions. Lady luck wasn’t with me at cards that night, so I took the remainder of my chips and bought the old timers at the table all a shot of crown. Now its push pull, and mostly just letting her talk. I make it sound easy but here comes the bad part. She’s a hog. Probably 30 to 40 pounds overweight. Making her a hard 4. (could have gone to a 6 if she lost the nasty beluga gut) If not for #NoNothingNovember and my commitment to no fap for this month, I never would have gone through with it. BUT this jam has gotta go somewhere. I made her give me a menthol, kiss close, and a few minutes later we were going back to my place. Why my place? Well she mentioned she had four kids, so I didn’t think it would be very polite to wake them. She drove me in a brand new Grand Caravan. How can a single mother of four afford a brand new Dodge Grand Caravan on waitress wages? Hmm… who knows. We arrive at my humble upstairs abode and I pop in a movie (The Last Samurai, one of my favorites) just to keep up appearances. I strip her down and find she has an intravenous insulin machine. A diabetic. Yep. I fucked her. I got off. Started fucking her a second time and she squirted all over my bed. Ive never made a chick squirt before. I always imagined it would be, like… really cool… Its not. Washing my sheets was the first order of business today.

So… a takeaway.

Once I found game I managed to pull an 8, a 6, and then another 8. Now I’m at this atrocity. This was just stupid. I derived pretty much no satisfaction from the whole ordeal. My only consolation is that I’ve banged worse… I guess the whole thing was really just to see if I could do it. Now at least I won’t have to worry about the whole pornography temptation for another couple of days. But gents… Don’t go dumpster diving when you know you can do better.


Almost forgot…

Day 5 – Training Wheels

#NoNothingNovember has had its difficulties for me. As I mentioned before, I’ve been completely free of all these vices, but… I didn’t quit them all on the same day. Its time to take off the training wheels and go cold turkey on these subhuman practices of evil baby eaters.

In order from easiest to hardest

1. No chewing tobacco. – Knock me over with a feather, but this is the easiest so far. This is extraordinary to me because the first time I kicked this habit it literally ruined my day. Every day. For weeks on end. I can’t count how many times Ive heard people say “Quitting chew is harder than quitting heroin.” This is a retarded comparison on many levels that I won’t delve into right now, but I will say that its a lot more accessible than heroin. Think. What is right behind the counter, cheaper than dirt, at every gas station? Also, when you travel in certain circles, one or two of your homies will have a can on them at any given time. This makes it easy to bum a chew and completely lose all the progress you’ve made. A few weeks ago, when we were out riding fence, the crew and I ran into Billy. He was fixing fence for the neighboring ranch with a couple other riders. Billy’s lower right cheek was gone. It just… wasn’t there. There was nasty brown chew spit leaking into his raggedy beard. He insisted on giving me a half can of grizzly. I took it. What kind of fucking dumbass sees that and says “Sure, ill have some of the stuff that did that to you. Sign me up!” I had been quit for six months and noticed my teeth were whiter (with regular bruising of course) and my gums were growing back to where they were supposed to be. Im pissed that I ever fell back to doing it.

Training Wheels- Ive only chewed the nicotine gum twice in 5 days.

2. No Fap- When I first took the red pill and finally ended my dry spell, no fap was probably the most important ingredient to my success. Its pretty simple. You gotta have a nut saved up in order to take a chance at getting laid. Your own lethargy is your worst enemy. More energy. More focus. Better outlook. You see, a lot of people are delusional in assuming that everything they think and do is completely conscious. Its not. You are programmed. In the case of men, you are programmed to get rid of spunk. One way or another, its gotta go. So why fight your programming? Let it work for you. Well thats all fine and good if you’re not trapped in the countryside without a drivers license. I went back to looking at porn because I rationally decided I had no other outlet. But… I managed a few months ago to text a girl and get her to come out and ride horses. This led to her riding me. So, the moral of the story is to not be so impatient. Where there is saved up jizz, there is a way.

Training Wheels- —> Taylor Swift is on the news feed at bottom of screen. “Wow, her music sucks.” Clicks anyway. Then clicks images. Then follows link at top of screen to “Taylor Swift Legs” Realizes “Shit I’m basically looking at porn now.”

3. No sugary drinks- Holy hell this has been difficult. You don’t realize how much sugar water you drink until you actually start paying attention. Question. How many soft drinks have sugar in them? Answer. All of them. I want you to try a little experiment. Tomorrow, I want you to take note of how many times someone offers you sugar water. Im willing to bet its more often than once a day. For me, thinking of it as “Sugar Water” helps me to just say no to it. I just think of this guy.

Bring me sugar… And water…

Edgar is actually a giant cockroach. He wants sugar because its the purest form of biological energy in the galaxy. You don’t want to be like Edgar do you? Do yourself a favor and skip the sugar water. All sodas, Energy drinks, Gatorade and Powerade, Hot coco… They are all the same… Look in the ingredients list: Water, Sugar.

Training wheels- A big ass bag of Jolly Ranchers. What is the difference between me eating dozens of Jolly Ranchers and then drinking a big glass of water, as opposed to just snapping open a soda? Not much really. Its time to get with the intent of #NoNothingNovember.

All of these vices can be described with one five dollar word. Innocuous. Meaning: Not harmful or offensive. You will offend absolutely nobody if you indulge in these habits. No, none of them will be immediately harmful to you. But this brings up another closely related word Noxious. Meaning: harmful, poisonous, or very unpleasant. In agriculture noxious weeds need to be killed immediately. They sprout up everywhere and kill all the plants around them reducing crop yield, and all around lowering crop value as they have no inherent nutrition.

All these vices are Innocuously noxious. I have the willpower to stamp them out. So do you.

*Steps down from soapbox

Don’t forget your little blue pill

This will be in the style of “A Voice For Men” minus the whining, crying, and locking yourself in the basement listening to collective soul.

Lets go back in time. 3rd grade. First day of school. My new classmates and I were sitting in a pow-wow circle and telling our name, and something about ourselves. For example:

“My name is Suzy, and I have a pet rock that I love very much.”

The class would then chime in

“Hello, Suzy.”

This went on… and on… allowing me to perfect my simple joke by the time it was my turn.

“My name is Grody… and I’m an alcoholic.”

“Hello, Grody.”   The class chimed in monotone.

That was it. I was in trouble. I was sent to the hall. Then the principles office. My parents were called. My dad tried not to laugh, he really did. I now had crosshairs on me. Three days later there was a meeting scheduled with the butch lesbian student councilor.

It was recommended that I go on medication.

They looked a lot like this, but circular

Thinking back on this its really easy to become a bit disgusted with my parents. Not even token resistance. Just kinda… “Dur… Ok…” So I was put on adderall. 10mg to start. That apparently wasn’t working. I remember blowing a big oyster of snot on my hand and flinging it at the cutest girl in school. (Chelsey) So it was upped to 20. I got into a fight with a gigantic Indian kid in the 4th grade and they upped my dose again. Teachers would call my parents at work If they sensed I had forgotten to take it, and they would come running into school with a pill for me. Eventually I was on 80mg a day. All 80 of those milligrams fit into a tiny blue pill about as big around as the circumference of a wood screw face.

I was on this medication for seven years.

My grades were perfect.

I would clean my room everyday. That shit could pass a white glove inspection every day of the week. I had about 2 dozen medieval warriors made of pewter. The would stand in different formations throughout the week. (sometimes the captain would get demoted and replaced with on of his soldiers) I would put them on my bedside table. You’d think this would be a precarious place for them, but I didn’t do much sleeping. About 4 hours a night.

When I started puberty, the zombification from aderall got worse. I was always a jerk to classmates in school, but kept it under wraps at home. Besides, the drug had probably worn off most days by the time mom and dad got home from work. Most days I would come home and watch cartoons into the late evening before the rents got home to make food.

I wasn’t hungry. Their food sucked. (I wonder why…)

In about the middle of 6th grade my sister made me mad. This was especially irritating because I never talked to her. Some of the only times I would speak to her would be to tell her how much of a fatass she was. So it perplexed me when she tried to get my goat by yelling insults at me from behind my closed bedroom door. Enough was enough. Id had enough. I blasted out of my room. As she was running away from me… I raised my fist and struck her between the shoulder blades. She collapsed like a ton of bricks.

I still am embarrassed thinking back on it.

My parents stopped feeding me little blue pills.

My life has gotten better ever since. In case the moral of this story has escaped you, no, I do not endorse feeding meth to grade schoolers.

Day 1

Damn you Kid Strangelove.

For #NoNothingNovember I am giving up entirely, Sugared drinks, Copenhagen, and Porn+first person shooters. I have no doubt I can give all of these things up, as I have done so in the past.

Today was rough. I said goodbye to smutty websites with a final hurrah of mega jizzbombs last night. That always leaves me feeling depleted and depressed the next morning. Which was an early one. I awoke at 6 am and kissed my Copenhagen can goodbye as I sent it sailing straight above the rim of the garbage can and into the wall. I pretended that I made the shot and sluggishly got ready for a massive cattle drive.

All was going exceedingly well until I realized I was surrounded by incompetent boobs. One senile, two lazy, and the rest inexperienced. Usually this is when I pop in a friendly little chew. I gotta wonder where my grandpa gets these lousy tourists. Can’t complain too loudly though. I have a feeling the price was right.

So after shouting my head off all morning and finally getting 300 pairs where they were supposed to be, it was time for lunch. By this time I had a massive headache. You know what usually clears that right up? Coca-cola. Thats all that was on the menu. Seriously. The people I live around are so unhealthy it dozen’t occur to them that all they are drinking most of the time is pure sugar. I filled my plastic bottle up in the stream, so if I die of dysentary I want my tombstone to blame Kid Strangelove.

After work I was tempted to stop by the gas station to get and energy drink. I didn’t even occur to me that they are loaded with sugar. So much for that Idea.

Pretty fragmented writing, but Im just giving an update. I know all of these things are terrible for my health. Especially in the amounts I normally indulge. I had a particularly brilliant burst of creativity tonight working in Logic pro x. Coincidence? probably not.

Until next time. tu hombre.