Real Love vs. Fake Love

What a title huh? I like it cause its kinda how Trump would simplify things. Lets get into the meat and potatoes of it eh?

Fake Love = Enabling Love.

The purpose of fake love is to make yourself feel good. When you enable a person to continue a destructive behavior because it temporarily makes them feel good, and you  love them, ergo you feel good; you are practicing fake love. Im pretty sure you can come up with endless examples of this on your own. For me to extrapolate on this would border on bloviation. Suffice to say, Fake Love is self serving in its essence.

Real Love = Tough Love

Real love is doing what is best for another person in the long run, without exceptions. Thats where the “tough” part comes in. You have to use your best judgement and actually think ahead. Its also tough not to make any excuses for not practicing Real Love. Hey, everyone has off days where they are lazy, I get it.

“No kid, you can’t eat ice cream for every meal. Whether or not I choose to explain my decision is not going to change it.”

In its essence Tough Love comes from a deeper place of caring. You want someone else to stand on their own, with passion and peace. You want them to realize their full being and potential. You want to love them not for your own sake… But for theirs…

Tough Love is actual love.


But hey… As the mainstream media and propaganda pushers are so fond of saying… Love is Love. Probably not much of a significant difference between the two.

Just flip a coin.



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