I knew it was coming but it still stings. My drivers license has been suspended. Now, all you city slickers may say “Big deal. Get over it man. Just ride your bike or take the bus. There are so many options.” Ha. I live six miles out of town. There is no bus. There is no nothing. Sure I could go for a walk if I wanted to lose a few pints of blood to the local mosquito population. Other than that, I suppose I could take one of our 1950s Ford tractor into town. In fact, thats how I plan to attend the state mandated alcohol classes. 

Yes I was drunk. Yes I was in the drivers seat with the truck running. BUT I was not “drunk driving”. The fact that I have been sober for the last ten months (with only two notable exceptions that are quite entertaining and I will grace you with later) makes no difference to the “justice” system. They treat everyone the same. If you have more money, you get treated better. The prison industrial complex is designed to grind you up as much as possible for as much money as possible. 

I refused a breathalyzer. While this, and the fact that I hired an attorney, are probably the reasons I avoided a DUI; it still leaves me in a rather static predicament. Completely dependent on the charity of my family. Herein lies the goal of the “justice” system. To make you dependent. Like all other bureaucratic government agencies the underlying them is to make you less free than you were before. 

My room mate is watching Bill Mahr. What a dumbass. 


Becoming Patriarch

My Grandfather is a boss. When he took over this ranch, he and his wife were 110% in debt. Nowadays we call that being “underwater”. He took the wheel from his incompetent relatives and ran shit his way for over 50 years. Now he owes .5 million on a 10 million dollar property; and beef prices have been steadily rising for the last 3 years. This man went from almost dying of polio as a child to a professor, bank manager, father of five sons, and the best damn cattleman I know. Bootstrapping his way to success.

My Grandfather on my moms side is dead. But he was also a boss. He ran a successful hotel in eastern Montana and eventually sold it for over two million dollars. An avid fisherman, he figured out a way to monetize the disgusting bottom dwellers with two eyes on the same side of their head (Sterling?) by starting the caviar business in Montana. He had a big curly afro and was one of the most charismatic men in the world.

My Father is a boss. He runs a donut shop. It has had its ups and downs but now the property is paid in full and sales are currently over $1500 per day. He probably wouldn’t have made his business successful if not for his successful military career. After seven years as a marine, he climbed the ranks in the national guard to Colonel before retiring and receiving a fat pension.

Im starting this blog to chronicle my journey to bossdom. After driving into town to visit buddies a crushing thought popped into my head. The bloggers I associate with online actually add more value to my life than my flesh and blood friends do. These men are going places and doing things. They have woken up to the bullshit of this world and are prescribing cures for this civilizations ills. Be it in the form of philosophy, dating advice, fitness, fashion, nutrition, or just good ole therapeutic ranting; I would rather hang out with them than watch retarded television with my beta bois.

Im starting this blog to discipline myself. About a year ago I decided I didn’t want to be like normal people. I thrashed around with half baked ideas until I finally found a community of likeminded guys willing to give me all the basics. My life has improved drastically since I met them. Im working every day to rid my personality from the last vestiges of the sniveling, liberal, male feminist, baby I once was. Im replacing him with a hard nosed, redneck, self sufficient, renaissance man.

My grandfather is almost 84. There is a void in this family for a strong male role model. I will sack up and step into those shoes. I will become the Rancher Patriarch that everyone depends on. I will abuse my body until it is shaped to my specifications. I will become my own boss and accumulate wealth. I will hone my game and bed beautiful women. I will study things that interest me and apply that knowledge in my life. I have checked my white male privilege and found it plentiful.

I will become better every day.