White Privilege

So is this what they are talking about?



The Bastard Spawn Chronicles: Chapter 6

Another sleepless night.

Vermin crawling under my skin.

Gruesome death of friends and family played on a loop.

Even during the day… The voices… Never relenting…

“Worthless shit”

“Fucking Faggot”

“They just put up with you, they don’t really love you.”

I kneeled on my bed. Hands clasped. Head bowed. I needed an answer.

“God… Why do you torture me?”

Then, as easy as that, like a soap bubble popping the answer came.

“Because I love you.”


Sure doesn’t feel like it…


Cheater? Pffft…

“Way to go player. Some plate spinner you are. You told her you weren’t going to screw around. What gives?”

“Oh that? Its real simple. I want to fuck other women, but I also like the way she gives me those goo-goo eyes and gives me all the answers to the tests. In order to get both I just had to lie to her.”

“Wow. You really are a piece of shit.”

“What are you getting at brah?”

“You went back on your word. I thought you were a man of principle.”

“Hm. I guess principles change. Once you realize that the entire world aint playing that game… Well it gets a little old playing the part of knight in shining armor.”

“So how are you going to rationalize this one?”

“Whos rationalizing? I just don’t give a fuck anymore. What are you suggesting that I marry an obvious cock addict?”

“What? No, of course not!”

“Ok, so whats the big fucking deal?”

“She told you she loved you… There were tears streaming down her face when she said it…”

“Oh boo-hoo. Gimme a break. That might mean something to me if she wasn’t a few years away from the wall and hadn’t jumped on ten thousand dicks in her 28 years. Besides, the blonde was hotter and had way bigger tits.”

“You said you loved her back…”

“Who says I don’t? I know love when it bubbles up from my stomach and engulfs my heart and fogs up my brain. Im not a robot.”

“So this is how you treat a woman you love?”

“Alright. Riddle me this you blue pill bitch. You think she would have fallen so hard for you if I had played the game by your rules? I blew her off. I ignored her calls to hang out with other girls. I flirted with her friends in front of her. No buddy… She fell in love with a player, so this is what she gets.”

“… Im just worried you’re turning into a monster.”

“Isn’t it great? Its like a fucking RPG video game. Haha, Ive got my cell phone of +3 misogyny! Push/Pull increased to level 5!”

“Im going now…”

“See you later! Have fun unicorn hunting! I’ll just be hanging out here… You know, having sex. I’ll make sure to call you when I need some hardcore Beta game.”