Ive noticed a theme with leftists. One of their religious tenants is the doctrine of overpopulation. The doctrine of overpopulation goes something like this.

The current population of earth is unsustainable. Sooner rather than later we are headed for mass starvation/nuclear holocaust/genocide/pandemic. The earth is sick and dying. We humans are the cause of plague on this planet. There are not enough resources for everyone to live a modern comfortable life. A select few use their technologic and economic superiority to exploit the rest of the world so they can have more than their fair share of earths finite resources. 

Have you ever heard something like that? Thats a rhetorical question. Of course you have. Everyone has. Lets dissect this mode of thinking and see whats really behind it.

First of all, leftists live primarily in large cities. Its easy to see how this environment colors their worldview. All day, everyday, all they see are the ugly mugs of other people. Even if their conscious mind knows that there are other places on earth where there is absolutely nobody for miles, at a subconscious level they are assuming that everywhere is like this. Only when they get dropped off in the middle of Saskatchewan do they realize that this world is still, for the most part, a pretty wild and untamed place.

When the leftist says the current world population is unsustainable, they are taking this statement on faith. Whenever the leftist says this, the offer absolutely no corroborating evidence to support this tired, old talking point. How do they figure that an even larger human population is unsustainable? I will grant that certainly without technologies, such as fertilizer and antibiotics, then yes- they are absolutely right. Buuuut… We do have those things. And technology is improving all. the. time. I think their main concern comes down to fresh water and decent food supply. With our current system, yes, there is an upper limit. However it doesn’t take that much imagination to envision solutions to these problems. Whats wrong with pipelines and desalination? Why can’t we utilize a skyscraper tiered system to grow food crops? We have growing lights and the building techniques. In fact, a skyward grid system for growing food would make automation even easier. I know you’re asking me how do we power such extravagance? Nuclear. Its getting better all the time. You say thats all pie in the sky, wishful thinking. I say that for the last ten thousand years, human beings have done nothing but kick ass.

As for their concerns of other types of mass extinction events, they mostly have to do with humanities inability to get along with each other. War, however, has historically been the greatest incentive to develop new technologies. Even if the human population temporarily suffers an immediate setback, we come back stronger, with new methods of survival. Within the next 50 years we are going to master genetics. With that mastery disease and mutation will be a thing of the past. Even if the worst pandemic in history were to hit right now it wouldn’t kill everyone. We are superior to other animals in that we store our knowledge in nonliving entities to be referenced. I don’t know how to build a firearm or how to grow soybeans, but I’m betting theres a library out there somewhere that could tell me.

The leftist thinks of humanity as a blight upon earth, because thats how he sees himself. I really think it is that simple. Its easier for him to demand the destruction of industry in the face of “”climate change”” than it is for him to come up with a different solution. You’ll  notice that the leftist is perpetually obsessed with theoretical scarcity. The most poignant example I can think of are the proponents of “Peak Oil” who endlessly pontificate on their  keyboards about oxen drawn plows with one hand, while fervently stroking their tiny peckers under the desk with the other hand. I could go on, but my good friend George and fill you in on my general opinion.

As far as exploitation of the third world is concerned, I’m willing to admit that people can be pretty shitty to each other sometimes. But lets break this down a little bit to visualize it simply… Roads are a modern comfortable convenience that the developed world enjoys. North America has a well developed road system. Africa, for the most part, does not. Is this because North America stole all the Roadtanium from Africa? Of course not. Ya see? This attitude doesn’t make any sense. If a country doesn’t have infrastructure its nobodies fault but their own. Bricks are cheap. High quality people aren’t. Thats one of the reasons you can’t bring this argument to their attention. It runs counter to their narrative of equality.

So that pretty much brings me to the end of my counterargument. I truly believe that everyone on earth could live the life of a middle-class American. With the technology we have right now its entirely possible. But Im using logic to support my position. The leftist thrives on emotion. Thats why he believes in the doctrine of overpopulation. Because he hates people. He wants to see them gone. The leftist projects this attitude upon everyone he meets when he assumes they are human excrement.

Well… I may not like most people. But, I for one, love humanity. I want to see it flourish. It can’t do that when its actively sabotaging itself.


Caught Myself Committing Thought Crime Today

I guess that ole shed used to be a bunkhouse. Right now its just filled with my uncles junk. But ya, there used to be a cot and dresser in there… The fucking thing is the size of a chicken coop, but I keep hearing stories about the guys who actually lived in there full time.

Nobody would live there nowadays. Why would they? They deserve a full house. A car, washing machine, TV, you know, all the essentials.


I could just employ an illegal alien and pay him $3.50 an hour to break his back on this ranch and live in a chicken coop…

Ah! Shit…

Bad! Why am I thinking this way? Is it because I could actually get some shit done around here with a foreigner who isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty? Just… Keep him on the down low… You know he couldn’t be any worse than these lazy, fat, redneck, townies you keep around. Hell, you’d be doing him a favor. You could even give him a raise up to like 5 bucks an hour after a few months. He would be thrilled to have discreet employment so he could work on citizenship and I hear good things about their work ethic…

Fuck! Im doing it again.

I guess this just goes to show that we (united states business owners) can be our own worst enemies sometimes. Honestly, $8.50 an hour is way too much for the amount of work we get out of American hands. A fucking retard could do the job. I can’t believe that lunatics want to make the minimum wage 15 dollars an hour. Unskilled labor is not worth that much. Period.

We seriously need to rethink some of our fundamentals. As long as the incentive to import foreign labor is there… Thats whats gonna happen.