Grody Adventures In MGTOW Land

Big, black, cowboy hat. With the horse hair hatband. That oughta get their fuckin attention. Nothing like a little bit of good ol’ fashioned peacocking. Gotta pump up the guns too. Just biceps. Nothing too strenuous. Alright. Lets go run game. Lets do some fucking approaches. A lot of MGTOWs don’t like to practice pickup, but Im so fucking MGTOW I don’t really give a shit about their opinion.

The bars are dead. WTF. There is one thats busier than the rest so I sit down at the end of the bar and order a Moscow Mule. Gotta acclimate. Don’t wanna go approaching until the change in altitude wears off. A lot of pickup coaches recommend staying dead sober to run game, but again, Im a MGTOW… You can see where Im going with this.

Said something completely inane to the guy next to me about whats going on on the TV. He agrees, then gets up and leaves. Glad we’re all MGTOW here. Nice. Social momentum.

The first Moscow Mule goes down smooth, so I order another one. Now is the time to start eye fucking some bitches. No bitch is safe from my eye fucking. Thats me, the fuckin weirdo at the end of the bar eye fucking your girl. Cause I’m a MGTOW.

Two bitches are loving it. They come up right beside me to order their drinks. Now a lot of PUAs would have said something to them then. But since I go my own way, I just let them order without my incessant chatter. Once she orders the brunette with wavy hair turns around. To face me. Obviously presenting herself to me.

She’s a 9. Fuckin babe. Skintight white skirt with black frilly top that opens on the sides so you can see her Victorias Secret frilly little bra. She had a cute little nose that makes an upturn like cindy-loo-hoo. Dark tan, brown eyes, tight body, long legs, and little bee-sting size B titties. She has turned her back to the bar to present herself to me. I searched my MGTOW mind for something profound to say.

“Hows it going?”

Establish rapport. Break rapport. Rapport with her friend making it seem like there is more potential emotional connection with her friend. Dodge her “are you a player?” question like a fuckin ninja. A fuckin MGTOW ninja… Rapport with her guy friend that she invited to the bar. Bro down. Run game like a boss.

“Am I going to get to see your penis tonight?”

Slam dunk. MGTOW style.

Back to basics. Become group leader. Venue change… Has to be higher energy. Go to dancing pop music bar. Its packed. Take a piss. MGTOW piss. Show off my moves. Let black dudes and Arab dudes try to grind on my bitches. Maybe they have game… I seriously doubt it.

Go to back porch to smoke. See AFC. Bum a cigarette from AFC. Listen to AFC bitch about how lame he is. Give game advice in what I know is a futile attempt to give AFC a complete paradigm shift. One of my bitches comes to me. The one who didn’t ask to see my penis. I throw my arm around her and pull her to me. I make her share with me the cigarette I bummed from the AFC. Other bitch comes out.

Venue change. Invite the AFC to come with us. Im a man going his own way, but if other men wanna come too… Well thats just peachy. Hear AFC compliment my bitch like a total chode.

“Like this girl… She’s fucking gorgeous…”

“Who Kate? Yea… She’s alright…”

Kate runs to me. Dripping wet with total indignance. Pull in Kate for the kiss close. Right in front of AFC. MGTOW style.

Next venue has bomb ass live music. Some little jewish mastermind has enlisted two blacks for their soul power to make a three piece Techno/Bongo/Jazz infusion that brought down the house. Grind on both my bitches till the bar shuts down. Tell the bitches to ride with me. The authorities in pretty much every town I’ve ever been to frown on drunk driving… But what Can I say? Im Pretty MGTOW.

Big couch. Great sex. She sucked dick like she loved it on a romantic level. I wonder if she’s ever sucked MGTOW dick before? She made me go get the condoms out of my pickup. Smart girl… Could she be a WGTOW? Get her number. Leave. (thats what the “G” stands for in MGTOW by the way.)

Go to gas station like a boss ass MGTOW to get a Powerade and a MGTOW bagel.

Turn key to my truck like a MGTOW.




Guess my truck decided to go TGTOW.

Spend the night at gas station and all day Sunday getting my truck towed and my starter replaced. Its all good though…

You wanna know why?