Oppressing Women

You’ll notice that when I comment on popular blogs about intersexual relations that I never jump on the bandwagon of oppressing women. Their reasoning goes something like –

“We as a culture have given women far too many rights, opportunities, choices, and general agency over their own lives. They always abuse this, and end up far more unhappy than they would have if we would had just controlled their lives.”

Ok. Heres where my take on this gets complicated. Lets say for a minute that this position holds water for the majority of women. Its still, in my opinion, evil. Oppressing people (assuming you think of women as people, a big assumption in these internet waters) is a hellish tendency. A major part of my satisfaction with life comes from knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that my decisions steer my own destiny. Right now, at 26, I could be the owner and operator of my very own… Donut shop. Im sure I could run this shop profitably and have a pretty comfortable upper middle class life in my hometown. My father and mother would certainly approve of handing down the donut crown. Theres just one little problem.

I fucking hated that god damned donut shop.

The path I walk now is fraught with much more uncertainty and pitfalls than that hypothetical life path. Yes, financially it would be much more profitable, but thats not what wanted. I had to make my own mistakes. I had to go through immeasurable misery in the frozen wastes of the Bakken oil fields. I had to learn seduction and see for myself what makes women, and men for that matter, tick. Those experiences made me what I am today. Im a much more experienced man than I would have been if I stayed in my hometown waking up at 4:30 am every morning to fry gobs of dough that give people heart disease. Im much more satisfied with my decision to become a rancher, even if it is much more dangerous and uncertain.

Thats where you’re going with your women argument. Make her stay in her hometown. Make her marry nice guy beta Joe Smith. Do I have to spell it out for you fuckers?

When you MAKE anyone do anything, the only thing you make them is MISERABLE!

Any comfort and happiness you gain from the sure bet is horrendously offset by the sinking feeling in your gut that you just did what you were told. It wasn’t your life to live. It wasn’t your choice. The only thing that makes us truly human is our free will.

And you wanna take that away for over half of the people on earth.

Fuck you.