As I lean on the balcony rail of my rented apartment in the heart of Taipei, my eye is drawn to deep green of audacious little plants that I will never know the name of. They have the nerve to grow in the cracks of the drab concrete buildings I am surrounded by. On the ride in I saw jungle. Big thick trees covered in other parasitic trees and vines. Ferns cover every inch of dirt that has even a little sunlight. The moist air and low elevation does my weak lungs many favors. Its hereditary I’m afraid.

In the massive park I have to ask if its grass I’m stepping on. The blades are so thick and sproingy… Well, I wouldn’t call it grass, thats all. I see the typical old men and women practicing Tai Chi to stay limber. There are probably around 50 little children, ages 2-4 playing monkey on the most peculiar tree I’ve ever seen. Its wider than it is tall and seems to be made for little kids to play on as it branches out in patterns acceptable for little kids to climb on as their mothers watch.

The locals are wandering around with coats on. Im sweating my fuckin balls off. To think that this is about as cold as it gets… To think that for vast regions of earth, agriculture is not only possible… Its probably considerably easier. Ample rain, plenty of sun, fertile soil.

Lucky bastards.