Shut the Fuck Up You Chink Bastards!

Im just gonna tell all billion plus of you right now… You have the most irritating language on the face of the earth. Oh is it a tonal language? What? Did you run out of different sounds? Seriously, on a scale of 1-10 with ten being brake discs grinding on bare metal brake caliper, your speech is a 12.

Japanese? Fine. Totally badass sounding. Minimal grammar and a simplified alphabet.

But you Chinese… I can’t do it. Don’t speak around me, unless its a language OTHER than mandarin.


“You know whats going to be the most valuable commodity in the future? WATER!” DURRRRRRRR!

I can’t tell you how many times Ive heard this. Usually by some run of the mill fake ass intellectual who leans politically left. (Sorry Dad.) Alright. Lets use basic god damn logic to, in my mind, finally put this retardation to rest.

  1. How much water is there? – Practically infinite
  2. Who uses water? – People
  3. Where do people live? – Next to all the fucking water!
  4. Do these people have the technology to make this water potable? – YES GOD DAMMIT, YES! They’ve had it for a century now! (if not more)
  5. How can they afford the energy it takes for desalinization? – Ive ranted before on this blog that energy scarcity is a thing of the past. We are post energy scarcity RIGHT NOW and thats just from burning dinosaur farts. Only fools look at the current level of tech and assume its not going to advance ever again.
  6. Okay smart guy, what kinda tech is going to supply this energy? – Think of it this way… The internal combustion engine was invented in 1854. That means that for 163 years now, we have been using the SAME technology to power an industrial society. Do you really think that something better hasn’t been invented yet? (Probably Jews again) We could use nuclear energy if we had to, or even harness the tides. My point is, at our current tech level, energy is basically unlimited.

So. Ya. I just don’t believe that on a planet thats two thirds water its ever going to be an extremely valuable commodity. Its just another instance of parrots parroting each other for nonexistent status. (Sorry Dad.) Think of it this way. Its MUCH harder to refine gold, and gold is objectively WAY less useful than water.

But we do it anyway. Cause we’re humans. Thats our nature.

Encounter problem.

Solve it.