100% BLACK Angus (On Marketing Bullshit)

Im sure you’ve seen the signs. In your ignorant mind, you interpret them to mean that you’re getting the highest quality beef money can buy. The word ignorant has gotten a pretty negative connotation. Its used as an insult, when literally, it just means that you dont know something. Go on. Tell me. What does 100% black angus mean? Its the best right? Isn’t it a breed of cow? Why would they be boasting about it if it wasn’t good?

Thats a pretty sound line of reasoning actually. But let me get you thinking about it for a moment.

How many breeds of cow can you actually name? Not many huh. So when you put stock in these marketing tactics, with what are you actually comparing this burger you’re buying?

Lets face it. They duped you again.

Now Im no geneticist, but I have been doing this shit for about 7 years total now. The only advantage to pushing for 100% black angus is standardization. The size of the Angus is convenient for shipping. They are also hardy, resilient, and deal with cold weather pretty well. They are not however the tastiest cow. Im willing to bet a thousand dollars dear reader, that if given the pepsi challenge between an Angus steak and any other type of beef, you would not be able to tell any difference.

In fact, there are a lot of disadvantages to raising the Angus. At least on my end. They’re irritable. Not as smart or calm as the Hereford either. Just the other day while pregnancy testing the two year olds, my coworker took a kick directly to the chest. He thinks his rib is broken. I could go on all day with these kinds of stories about the gigantic pain in the ass these Angus cows are. Our cattle are starting to get a reputation in this valley for being mean too. Back when we had about 25%-50% Hereford genetic mix in our herd, they were much easier to deal with. This Hybrid mix is probably what I would prefer to run if I became boss tomorrow. It would be the best of both breeds without the disadvantages of either. The Hereford cows don’t get worked up as easy. They take their time and look around for the openings instead of crashing through fences and corrals all the time. The Angus brings its winter toughness into the mix.


I have to deal with 100% BLACK Angus. Why? Cause thats what advertising has convinced everyone is the best. Thats what buyers pay top dollar for.

That and 100% Grass Fed. Jesus. People will swallow anything. Even 100% Grass Fed beef. Leathery, dry, nasty. Gimme a break people. Fat carries flavour. You want grain fed cattle. They taste better. Animal fat has even been proven to be extremely beneficial to your health.

Oh right, they will say that GMO corn is the reason to go for grass fed. But let me ask you this. How much of that laboratory altered genetic material (if it was even altered in the first place) is left once the cow turns it into beef and shit? Again, Im not a scientist, so correct me if im wrong, but I dont think you have to worry about toxic genetic contamination once the cow is done digesting it.

And if you are?

Then I think you need more things to fill out your day.


4 thoughts on “100% BLACK Angus (On Marketing Bullshit)

  1. Best beef I ever had was a Chianina/ Durham cross. Second best was an Angus cross (with what I don’t know), from a coworker’s farm. And purely grass fed beef does, indeed, suck. In my experience.


  2. Great article. They do this shit all the time. Look at the whole gluten free thing. People assume that gluten free products are heathy, yet the only difference they have is that the 2% of the nation who has a gluten allergy can eat it.

    I remember when the whole Angus beef fad started. I got some steaks and was pretty disappointed. No better than any other streak I’ve had really.


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