Working On Logistics

Fuck it. This is a game blog. Wanna know why?

+3 thats why.

Ive realized my game is pretty fucking good. Its just my logistics that suck ballz. Now I love my job, and I think my future is pretty fucking bright here. So moving is off the table for me.


I have been doing things to mitigate my severe disadvantage. I just bought an old BMW that gets much better fuel milage than my pickup. Once I get er spruced up a bit that will help with the fuel costs of getting to a college town. Ive also been looking at trailers…

Yes trailer houses…

If I can get a dilapidated POS for around $3,500, I’m pretty sure I could get a roommate (female perhaps?) to take care of lot rent and electricity. Im not trying to make money with this shit… Im just trying to fuck college chicks. Besides, theres nothing that says I couldn’t keep it nice. Nothing that says I can’t keep my vehicles nice. Nothing that says I couldn’t convince my (newly) millionaire father to make a guest house so I can run game in a completely new town. In fact, I think he’s talked about an add on. Nothing that says I can’t buy an old camper and learn how to pull chicks back to that…

The truth of the matter is… I don’t really have that many hobbies. I like having sex with chicks. Preferably hot ones. There nothing wrong with going all in with my PUA practice. Im probably in the .05% of men who actually practices seduction. It seems like nobody does this shit. Its original. Ive had more fun since I actively started trying to sleep with girls than I ever had in the past. Besides, someday I would like to start a family. I can’t afford to not know how to deal with women. Its imperative for my future…


Or something like that.


2 thoughts on “Working On Logistics

  1. I actually started getting laid only after I moved to central Moscow. And this is not only about skills.

    One of my friends lives in a skyscraper on top of one of the biggest Moscow malls, and pulling girls for him is as easy as “OK let’s go to this shisha place [that’s literally next to his apartment], oh, wait, but I need to reply to some emails first, why don’t you wait here?” Still takes skills, but with logistics rectified it gets much easier.


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