Nationalism And Patriotism Are Bullshit


I accidentally deleted this post. Thats ok. It wasn’t that good anyway.


6 thoughts on “Nationalism And Patriotism Are Bullshit

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  2. Heh, so you do still blog!

    I think those are ego attachments. Thinking you are things that are outside of yourself. It is not wrong to have an ego (only the ego judges), but I think ‘stupid’ is a fair assessment. But maybe I am just saying that because my own genes come from a line of individualists and thinkative people who are repulsed by that kind of kitsch.

    And you contradict yourself by supporting Brexit. What is the difference between shouting ‘For England!’ and ‘For Europa!’?


    • It has to do with pride and identity. Theres no reason to not be proud of who you are. Once you realize that everything is connected, and no man is an island unto himself, then you will realize that there isn’t a single thing in the universe that is “outside of yourself.”

      Europe consists of many different peoples. All of their values are not shared. Having control of a border, to me, seems no more offensive than having walls on your house.


      • I agree. Everything is you and you are everything. To me, that is an evidence for not having to attach to things or defend them, for they already are in you. There is nothing significant that can ever be lost. Your culture, at best, represents the best that already exists in you, which can never be lost.

        And I welcome Brexit, because I like freedom. But I like it simply because it is a step down, a step closer to the individual and his freedom. The UK is still a very big state and I see no logical prohibition of breaking it down even further.

        Borders are not offensive at all. But neither are personal boundaries, which you surely agree with. Despite everything being connected, we still currently exist at least partly in a form of separation (primarily in the lower chakras), which requires boundaries. And to me, personal boundaries encompass that I will not let even my own family drag me into some violent conflicts or other negative bullshit that I have no interest in, no matter how much I share with them. And the reason why there is no necessity to let that happen is precisely because all of that already exists inside myself – I do not need to project it out onto others.

        If you say that everything is connected and there is no outside of yourself, does that not also imply that even those who oppose your country or your kins shared values, are just as much you as those closest to you in similarity? Unconditional love would dictate to not put one thing above another. Of course, it may sometimes be necessary to defend yourself and your life, but unless there is actually a personal threat to your person, I see no reason to put up a fight.

        And to expand the idea of boundaries a little, you say that there are cultures with vastly different values. But even the people closest to us and most similar to us never share the exact same values as we do. In a nation as big as the UK, there are still many different sets of values from various individuals, sub-cultures, groups, social circles, etc.

        I think that if anything, it comes down to the question: What size of a community is appropriate for me to really attach to or find worth defending? A reasonable answer in my eyes is to say: A community that is small enough for me to be able to have a more or less deep relationship with every person in it.

        Pride is a little tricky in my eyes. Here is why. Even if I create something great, can I truly say that it is my own achievment? Sometimes I have some great kind of inspiration and write an article that I, you could say, could be proud of. But then, I realize that I have no way to just replicate it. In a way, it was simply God having used me as a vessel to bring something to this world. Do you know that feeling? That you are just being used by your “muse” or whatever? If I become proud, I will eventually want to replicate what I did. But without the inspiration and the flow, which can not be forced, the best I can hope to create is an intellectual variation of the thing that came before. Pride also puts the thing I created above other things and then I will be attached to it and value everything else less, sooner or later leading to the point where I am unable to simply appreciate the moment, no matter what.

        That is not me saying that pride is bad or evil or anything. I am trying (I am not perfect of course) to be non-judgmental. It is simply my own experience that pride has a tendency to create pain when the sine wave swings in the opposite direction, resulting in shame or something of the likes. Being proud of having achieved contrasts with the shame of not having achieved.

        Anyway, thats a wee bit of a long comment. I hope you dont mind. If it feels too bothersome for you to have this debate, thats cool.


  3. Great post man. The white guilt people have these days is insane. Everyone can be proud (Blacks, Hispanics, Gays etc) but you say as a white man that you’re proud of your nationality and you’re shamed.

    Fuck that guy who kicked you out. You stabbed his safety bubble hes made for himself and he couldn’t handle it so he rage quit.


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