Caught Myself Committing Thought Crime Today

I guess that ole shed used to be a bunkhouse. Right now its just filled with my uncles junk. But ya, there used to be a cot and dresser in there… The fucking thing is the size of a chicken coop, but I keep hearing stories about the guys who actually lived in there full time.

Nobody would live there nowadays. Why would they? They deserve a full house. A car, washing machine, TV, you know, all the essentials.


I could just employ an illegal alien and pay him $3.50 an hour to break his back on this ranch and live in a chicken coop…

Ah! Shit…

Bad! Why am I thinking this way? Is it because I could actually get some shit done around here with a foreigner who isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty? Just… Keep him on the down low… You know he couldn’t be any worse than these lazy, fat, redneck, townies you keep around. Hell, you’d be doing him a favor. You could even give him a raise up to like 5 bucks an hour after a few months. He would be thrilled to have discreet employment so he could work on citizenship and I hear good things about their work ethic…

Fuck! Im doing it again.

I guess this just goes to show that we (united states business owners) can be our own worst enemies sometimes. Honestly, $8.50 an hour is way too much for the amount of work we get out of American hands. A fucking retard could do the job. I can’t believe that lunatics want to make the minimum wage 15 dollars an hour. Unskilled labor is not worth that much. Period.

We seriously need to rethink some of our fundamentals. As long as the incentive to import foreign labor is there… Thats whats gonna happen.




3 thoughts on “Caught Myself Committing Thought Crime Today

  1. Ha! It’s probably only a matter a time before such thought-crimes get you locked away.

    Minimum wage is already $12.25 in my town, it’s only a few more years till we hit $15. The irony is that the higher it goes the more jobs that disappear.


    • More short sighted vote buying. But employing illegals is ultimately short sighted too. It sure is easy to think about “Now Money” probably one of humanities greatest faults.


  2. Don’t forget to pay Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, Health Insurance, all applicable employment taxes, sick pay, vacation pay, bereavement pay, maternity/paternity leave, elderly parental leave, sexual harassment training, hate crimes awareness, and love your employee like a loyal pet from day one. Otherwise, you’re obviously an evil patriarch exploiting the poor. Neener neener.


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