Tinder Is Great… If You Like Herpes!

I drove for two days straight. Around that cesspit of sin and disease we know in modern parlance as Chicago I contracted a common cold.

I liked to play a little game where I would plop my little Tinder marker down ahead of me in about 200 miles and see if I could set up a fuck.

I was upfront about it. Still no takers.

I made it back to my great grandmas attic and passed out. My east coast adventure, for better or worse, was over.

That night there was a new match. 50 miles away in an even more pathetic cow town than the one I live in now.

I might have said like 3 things to her before she invited me over.

Blonde. Completely white skin, but mixed race. 18. Lost soul. BIG girl. Not fat you fuckers. Just big. Big ole viking bitch. Probably a 7.

She could suck the chrome off a ball hitch.

I went to stick it in and she told me she had herpes.

I stuck it in her anyway.

Needless to say I won’t be seeing her again. What more is there to tell?

Im fucked up… Maybe not. Maybe anyone who had a nice smelly 18 year old cunt in their face and a vacuum attracted to their dick would have made the same decision.

I need a break.

Call it MGTOW. Call it celibacy… Call it whatever you want…



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