White Privilege

So is this what they are talking about?



4 thoughts on “White Privilege

  1. I guess that is what they mean by White Privilege. Sometimes I just do not understand why Blacks always try to push that agenda. If you want respect then why not get a job like those guys in those pictures instead of hanging out and selling drugs!

    I hate to stereotype especially minorities like myself but sometimes I cannot avoid it as they are people exactly like the stereotype. During my time of progressing I was able to get and reach my goals by getting rid of the negativity and getting my ass up and grabbing opportunities as they come.

    Unfortunately there are others who want a free ride and come up with excuses like White Privilege to cover their laziness. I say ignore it keep doing what you are doing!


    • Hell ya. I was recently in New York and was speaking to a black man who was still riding the victim train. Quite senseless. I just wanted to tell him
      “Fun fact dude. The majority of slaves throughout history have been… WHITE!”


  2. Well, I believe what they call ‘White privilege” is actually the natural privileges that accrue to any dominant ethnic majority in a democracy. Which is why the left wants white people to become merely one minority among many, so that there are no more such privileges in the west.


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