Traed Schkool

Almost heaven… West Virginia.

Well, Ive been here long enough to get a basic lay of the land and tell ya’ll my general experience with a no-kidding trade school.

It started with a brain worm.

Horses need shoes if they are going to work. We needed our horses shod. We needed a Farrier. But he usually takes two fuckin weeks to get back to us. Then when he does come out to our place he’s a broken old man who’s cranky as fuck. After he leaves we have to deal with his bitchy ass wife over the phone who threatens to never work with us again as she changes prices. I asked the folks why we didn’t just use another farrier.

Turns out… He’s the only one in the valley.

Huh… Ain’t that special. This guy can act like a total ass, and you’ll still smile and hand him hundreds of dollars for one afternoon of work. He picks when he works. He picks who he works with. Nobody gives him any lip because they need him. All because he does something that nobody else knows how to/is willing to do. A dirty, stinky, annoying job that hurts your back…

Thats sounds like something I could do!

The brain worm had been planted. I started doing some digging. Turns out there are 9 million horses in the united states and only 25 thousand certified Farriers. Thats a lot of demand and very little supply. The rusty cogs started turning in my brain and it occurred to me that I live in a place thats exactly 1.5 hours from three major towns. Those towns all have hillbillies with a few acres and a shitload of horses. I know. Ive seen em.

I started saving my summer hay stacking money. Looked online for farrier courses. I went for the first thing that popped up. But not only because it was the first search result. I also looked at the other courses they offered. Basically a bunch of artsy fartsy horsey shit that has no practical use to anyone. A complete waste of time and money. They sounded like courses that little rich daddies girls would take. I signed up. So far I haven’t been disappointed.

My posts have been down because I’m busy every fucking day. My grades are awesome. I basically haven’t gone one night without getting laid. There are 120 girls and ten guys. I passed my trimming practical and have my own huge ass dorm room. When Im not going on vacation I’m partying with fellow college dropouts. Seriously its like retard college. I can handle this.

Don’t think for a second that its not an art form though. Im learning so much its incredible. Horse handling. Fixing confirmation. Forging. Diet and nutrition. Anatomy. I know most folks have no idea what I’m talking about so Ill just leave a couple of badass videos down below so you can see that it really is a serious craft with a nobel history.

First video is more informative. Second video is more entertaining.


5 thoughts on “Traed Schkool

  1. Ha, good for you! Its awesome to leaern a traed!! I went to a welding school and it was full of retards and felons, but that just makes me stand out that much moar!!

    But seriously, trust me, when you are putting food on your table and paying your way through life because of an actual craft, its a really great feeling. Its like affirmation that you are a productive contributing member of society.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gotta love retards.

      I wish my thought process was as righteous. I really just want to work for myself in a semi location independent job. I want that prized ability… The ability to tell someone to go pound sand if they don’t like the way I do things.


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  3. I have no idea how I stumbled on this blog.. but I am glad I did. Awesome post!

    Been trying to convince my friends to pick up a trade instead of working some shit desk job. Once you master it, much easier to make money, plus you get tons more freedom. The competition is usually a couple rungs worse, so it’s a relatively painless path to relatively control your own work product.


    • Thanks for commenting Saj.

      Glad you’re enjoying it. Like you said, what really attracted me to the notion was the independence of it all. Its hard to convince the general public to try and see opportunity and seize it.

      Carpay Deeum!


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