Sexbots? … You’re Missing The Big Picture

Mostly because you’re thinking with your little head instead of your big head. Its ok. Im worst than most in that regard. Lets think about it for a moment. What is a sexbot? A primitive android. Once androids are finally developed for commercial use, (even if its just for a fucktoy) like all technology, the financial incentive will improve the product dramatically. Its only a matter of time before androids are doing all the labor that I’ve had to do up until now. Ill leave that one for Captain Capitalism. I want to talk about the effects on our very own bodies. Im speaking of course, about Transhumanism.


A lot of folks will cry “conspiracy theory” on me, but I definitely believe that the general public is only allowed to see the tip of the iceberg as far as advanced technology is concerned. As I’m writing this, primitive sensory organ technology is being implanted into humans and working successfully. So far, they’ve been able to develop electronic eyes and ears that work surprisingly well into humans that happen to be impaired in those areas. This leads to the next question… How good could we make it? Whats to stop scientists from developing eyes that can see Neil Armstrong’s footprints? Or ears that can hear, record, and selectively decipher all sounds within a 10 mile radius? Absolutely nothing. If you’re a proud wearer of a tinfoil hat, like me, you would probably assume that its already at least on the drawing board.

Thats just one area. With advanced robotics pretty much anything is possible. Bone implants that are practically impervious to damage. Brain implants that connect directly to the internet and anyone else with an implant. Muscular implants that make you as strong as a fucking gorilla. Self replicating nanobots that patrol the bloodstream for pathogens and toxins. Inspector Gadget don’t look that far-fetched these days huh? As incredible as cybernetics sounds, its only half of the equation.


When was the first cloning experiment done? 1992? But don’t worry. Genetic experimentation on humans was “”banned“”… Holy shit people. Wake up. Remember the story about that kid in the UK with three parents? If the top dogs are willing to taint our entire food supply with deliberate genetic mutation, why would you think they wouldn’t create animal/human hybrids? Anyone who’s ever seen a Captain America, Spiderman, or Hulk movie knows that the idea has been around quite a long time. One of the most popular notions is that we could somehow gain a starfishes ability to regenerate. The guy who figures out how to genetically stimulate hair growth will be a rich man indeed. Right now there are fruitcake scientists out there that want the entire human race to reproduce via test tubes and external wombs. Would you like to grow a nice fluffy luscious fox tail that all the bitches will love? Well then, just come in three times this month to the clinic for your injections. Honestly, the only limit on what could be done is your imagination. Anyone who says that things aren’t going precisely this direction is obtuse as fuck.

The end game

Sorry to sound so grim gentlemen, but the end result of all this is going to be the end of the human race. Its what the elites want. Its what many of the people want. Ask yourself… Why is the media pushing transgenderism so hard? They want you to become inured to the prospect of radically altering your own body. They even want you to become accepting of the whole idea. They want you hungry for powers that a normal human doesn’t have. All you’ve really got to do is think like an evil jewish overlord to see to the bottom of all this. Put yourself in their position at the top and ask the question,

Will these technological advancements and genetic experiments give me an advantage over others?

The answer is a resounding yes. Governments and those in power can’t afford not to look into these areas. If they don’t, someone else will. If I really wanted the entire human race except for my tribe destroyed, I would just create an airborne ebola variant that only my tribe had the vaccine for. Then I would detonate dirty bombs in all major population centers to ensure there was no time for natural resistance to develop.

So there are your two options…

  1. Become a fucked up animal/robot monster.
  2. Die shitting your intestines out.

But hey… At least you got in a few good romps with your sexbot.



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