Cross Country Ramblings

Just crossed into Ohio. Wet air carries scent better. Mostly shit. Some armpit. Right now I’m getting French cheese mixed with compost. Back in Indiana it smelled like one of those tutti fruity potion shops in the mall.

I’ve noticed a direct correlation betweenc corn propaganda and overall fatness of the drivers around me. When they talked about corn Fed Midwestern girls, Ididn’t realize they meant 3 five gallon buckets a day… I hear that with soybeans they can now produce biodiesel at 99% efficiency. Good luck with that last 1.01%… Dumbasses.

Iowa city was basically utopia. Have mom and dad pay tuition while you work out, drink your face off, and spit game at biddies. My cousinis studying madarin at the U there. He never gets any play.

Well, on to Akron. I should probably watch therroad.


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