For The New Guys: You Are Not The Chosen One

You are not the chosen one.

You will not save the human race.

You are not gods gift to the world.

You are not special. At all… You aren’t even that good at that thing that you think you’re good at.

You are the same as everybody else.

The progressives are right.

Everyone is equal.

Equally shit.

Do everyone a favor and lose the golden boy attitude.  I know you have it.

How do I know you think you’re special?

Cause you’re just like me. Im just like you. I like to think I’m special.

Im not.

And neither are you.

Nobodys special. 

Once you get over your little hissy fit, you’ll realize that its better this way.

Once you get used to this idea, you’ll actually derive peace of mind from it.

Once you finally internalize this truth…

Thats when the work can start. 


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