“For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?”

-Margaret Thatcher

I just installed my new seat covers. They are wool. Woolen. They are soft. They are of high quality and they make me happy. You can have a set just like them for more money than most people are willing to pay. They compliment my paid off truck nicely. Every morning I wake up in a king size bed. Except its not a king. Its a double twin. I just threw a foam mattress pad over identical twin mattresses. It happens to be the same size as a king. I have a mini fridge next to my bed where I keep filtered water and green tea cold. I like to wake up with frosty cold and filtered beverages. It depends on how motivated I am; if I get out of bed to use my $3,000 dollar desktop or if I just browse the ‘sphere on my smart phone. I find transit to the shitty gym in town tedious, so I am gradually making a dumbbell collection in the spare room upstairs. Im doing it gradually because paying a dollar per pound for essentially useless iron rubs me the wrong way, not because I can’t buy all the sizes I need. My flatscreen TVs sit on top of DVD, VHS, and video game consoles… They are gathering dust. In my room I have 3 dressers. They are all filled with clothing. Sturdy, warm, work clothes for the harsh winter and stylish, expensive, tailored clothing for when I want to look nice after the work is done.

Some men would dismiss me outright. Im not making multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars, so I must be a useless bum. Never mind that Ive already been down that road. According to them I should spend every spare second of my life analyzing the stock market and studying spread sheets. Then I could be just like them. I’ll make sure to get right on that…

After I finish watching this paint dry…

Seriously. Is enough ever enough? Marble countertops? You can’t hear it, but I’m making a farting noise with my mouth. Its not really about all that though is it? Its about being better than the next guy. Thats pretty empty for me. I never was much into sports so maybe thats where you lost me. I have more than enough. Chances are you do too. You want more than the next guy so you can feel and act superior. The middle road of having nice shit, and enjoying your life has no appeal to you.

Maybe Im all wet though. Maybe professional gambling has more intrinsic value than what I do. I produce food. How mundane. What a serf I must be. Everyone knows that food is just a passing fad anyway.

Go ahead. Dedicate your life to winning the rat race. Be my guest.

Just remember though.

Even if you win…

You’re still a rat. 


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