Is “Credibility” A Valid Concept?

I might as well just start off with what I’m talking about. This morning I saw a post by Sonny.  20 Red Pill Lies. I give him props for writing it. He probably knew it would stir up some mud and thats why he wrote it. To be honest, there are only about 3 or maybe 4 points where he calls out  a legitimate red pill lie. The rest seems to be just his own opinion.

But thats just me talking.

Who am I? I told you. IMGrody. Nobody. Why should you listen to me? I don’t give a fuck if you do or not. Thats the nice part about not trying to squeeze money out of this blog. I don’t have to pander to you so you buy my stuff. Whatever it happens to be.

So lets get to the meat of this post. It was inspired by this line right here.

Personally, I don’t like the negativity being spread by sources that have little to no credibility in the first place. It’s even more depressing when kids develop such a disillusioned outlook on the world.

Credibility. Well whats that? Oprah has credibility right? Her face is everywhere. She has a Brazilion dollars and her own TV show. I can’t think of anything more credible. Yet its a pretty widely held belief around this part of the internet that – No, In fact… She is a big fat liar.

MSNBC is credible right? They are a gigantic arm of the mainstream media right?

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Here. Lets do a little experiment. Lets take a respected man in this ‘sphere of the internet (you might even say he’s credible) and totally discredit him to the vast majority of english speakers.

“As a man you have to know the right way to choke a woman.”    – Mike Cernovich

“My attitude is generally negative towards all humanity. Men are generally fat slobs with nothing interesting to talk about.”  – Mike Cernovich

“So if I smoke some 5-MeO-DMT, don’t fucking tell me that I’m about to “communicate with the divine,” or that I’m going to undergo “ego death.” Just let me take my drug in peace in quiet.”    -Mike Cernovich*

Wow. What a monster. A misanthropic, woman abusing, druggie. Who would ever listen to anything that guy has to say. There, that was easy, wasn’t it? All you have to do is totally take everything out of context. This, I believe, is what Sonny has done to the red pill in trying to spin it as a lie.

Heres a crazy idea. Instead of worrying about how much “credibility” someone has, why don’t you just give their advice a try. If it doesn’t work, you aren’t going to be decapitated. If thats a possibility you’re probably reading the wrong sites. Here. Ill give you an example.

Grodys’ method for never waiting in line at the bank again.

1. Wear a ballcap. Pull it low over your eyes.

2. Wear sunglasses.

3. Don’t bother taking either off as you enter the bank.

4. Always put your hands in your coat pockets and look around shiftily, trying to avoid attention.

5. Enjoy being rushed to the front of the bank line.

If you use this method, you won’t ever have to wait in line at a bank again. It would be insulting to you the reader, if I went into great detail about “Why” it works. Im assuming you all have brains. You can mentally separate the wheat from the chaff without “credibility” of the author.

The larger point of this post is to get all of yous guys who read it thinking about “credibility”. I swear on my prostate gland that everything Ive ever written about is the truth. Is that enough for you? I don’t care. As far as I can tell, all this “credibility” nonsense is nothing but a popularity contest.

All this is not to bash on Sonny. I believe he’s a good dude, and that you should visit his site. Its obvious the man has integrity and is doing his best to help his readers out. I just couldn’t stop thinking about his post for about four hours so I had to disagree politely.

*I used mike because he’s demonstrated time and again that he doesn’t give a shit about haters and besmirchers of character.


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