Where Did All The Normal Light Bulbs Go?

Away. Edisons design uses 25% more electricity than the new CFLs, so the CFLs are more environmentally friendly. Thats ole uncle Sam for ya. Always looking out for little ole stupid you. Trying to save you money. But wait! CFLs are filled with noxious crap that is extremely poisonous. Combine that with a delivery vector, like oh, say a broken shard of glass, and now you have mercury poisoning. So what are we really gaining here?


Ive talked about this before. The United States doesn’t have an energy shortage. It has an intelligence shortage. I prefer the light from incandescent light bulbs. So would anyone else if they ever bothered to pull their heads out of their rears. Its more natural and causes less headaches. What about the people who don’t mind paying a few more bucks for light bulbs that don’t make then irritable? Well fuck those people. They need to get with the program. By program I mean the environment. When I say environment, I mean you should treat that word with religious deference. If its for the environment, we can’t question it.


If you really wanted to save money here are a few suggestions that would ACTUALLY WORK.

1. Fix this shit. Our power gird is horrendously out dated.

2. Coat the wires in a metal that is more conductive. It wouldn’t take much. A few microns would do it. My conservative estimate of the amount of energy saved comes to about a bajillion dollars.

3. Use Thorium. Its everywhere. It reacts at a much safer temperature. Its half life is like 5 years. Build a massive Thorium reactor out in the middle of the dessert where only cactus live.

If the U.S.S.A actually implemented all three of these suggestions tomorrow, we would probably be entirely energy independent in 10 years. Of course all this would actually take work. And, thats the most politically incorrect word I can think of.

No, no. We’ll just sneak a law by. Use paperwork to oppress the peons. There, now we are morally superior.


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