I get asked this question incessantly. When Im putting on my boots. Between breaks in songs while Im sitting at the computer. Taking a shower. Right after having sex… Basically anytime the sun is down.

Who… Who am I?

Im just a guy. Granted I may be in a financially, socially, and romantically advantageous position. Through circumstances I may have become a bit more knowledgable than the average man in the realm of things people like to keep secret and under wraps. Im musically creative… But apart from those three things, Im pretty much just your average dude.

Or does it mean “who” on a much more basic level?

On a basic level I suppose Im just another animal. I have a highly developed brain compared to all the other animals Ive ever met, but I still need to eat, breathe, expel waste, and appease all my other instinctual decrees and desires… If you get much more basic than that things start to break down. Basically I’m a collection of molecules working in tandem to give my consciousness a platform to observe and interact with the world. Dust in the wind.

Maybe it means “who” do you want to become?

That question drives me much more than the other two. I like thinking about this one. Probably because the answer changes all the time. Lacking some divine purpose, I suppose Ill just try my best to optimize my animal needs. It doesn’t really trip me up that I don’t have some grand design to change humanity. Lets just stick with the basics. Buff bod, hot rod, fat wallet, and some hussies to dump my load on. True genius only manifests in probably one out of every ten thousand people. (thats just a guess, folks.) So why should I get hung up on “changing the world”? Im doing alright.

But still the question comes.




Its enough to make me want to take my shotgun and put buckshot into every inch of your fluffy little body. Seriously owl. Either shut the fuck up, or find a new tree to live in. Im trying to get some sleep.


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