Hit-And-Run Leads To Awesome Sex (Part 2)

This post took some guts to write. In a lot of ways it exposes my cowardly yellow underbelly. But as I promised, I’ll highlight my mistakes to save other men the trouble. You can find part one here.

You thought I was going to skip all the pornographic details huh? Not a snowballs chance in hell. Once I had her naked and snapped on a rubber, I took her from behind and came. Immediately. Hows that for romance? As I threw away the jimmy and was wiping the spunk off of my cock, I heard faint sniffles and pouts. The waterworks had started. Uh oh… She was feeling (and rightly so) like a used tramp. I grabbed her by the arm and made her look me in the face.

“Hey, whats wrong?”

“I just know this is going to be like all the others… Its going nowhere.”

“Emma, to tell the truth, Im kinda looking for someone.”

That wasn’t just damage control. It was the truth. I kissed her, and kissed her some more until she was horny again. I hadn’t noticed at first, but on her left nipple there were about three long black hairs. Complaining about that though, is like complaining about a fly that lands on a fresh pizza and refusing to eat it. I popped that titty in my mouth and enjoyed the hell out of it. We had quite a rambunctious time for the next hour or so before she passed out. I lay there, fresh with the glow of my conquest. Wow, this red-pill stuff is legit. I could actually do this!

She snored.

The next morning I awoke sober and full of vitality. I headed to the market across the street and purchased a sandwich. I saved her half and even bought her a poweraid. When I arrived at my room she was still sawing logs so I poked her until she woke up. I mean, it was like 9am. Time to get the fuck out of bed. I fed her some fluid and jumped right back into that pussy. After sex it was apparent that she was still pretty hung over and not feeling to hot, so we walked to the movie vending machine and grabbed the new Lone Ranger movie. (worst movie ever by the way) There was a surprising red pill moment when Emma commented that the female lead would actually have been better off with the villain than the hero. I can’t get into too much detail cause when I watch a movie I like to have sex and have a hard time paying attention to both.

After I dropped her off at her car I sent the anti-rape text and got a positive response. She tried to draw me into a dumb text exchange but I ignored her. I went about my day and attempted and failed at my math homework. (yeah yeah, the maths is hard I get it) I managed to put her out of my mind for two days before the thirst got to me again. I got super horny and broke my 3 month streak of not looking at pornography. I was elated. Bragging to my buddies about how I nailed this hot chick. Dumb fuckin move. I know now why you never do that shit. It all gets around. People talk. How can you expect to be back door man if you can’t keep your trap shut? When I wanted to fuck again I told her to come back to my place.

This time I went total beta. I took her out for a 10 dollar pizza. Lord no! How weak. The dinner was less than exceptional and she wouldn’t put down her stupid phone for one second. She had to return a video rental. During the drive she quizzed me about the other women in my life. I didn’t recognize it as a shit test at the time and responded in the worst way possible. Wanting to end the conversation I said “Whatever, they are just hoes.”  At the store I suggested that we “hang out tonight” and recommended Gladiator, while placing my hand in her back pocket on her bubble butt. She agreed. On the ride back she started talking about her brother. How he liked to mix music too… Then her father. She explained how after she, the baby, left for college, he packed up his bags and abandoned her mother. More thinking out loud than anything I said. “Well, at least he waited till all you guys were out of the house. When we popped in the movie she snuggled up against me and told me.

“Im not having sex with you tonight.”

“Oh ya, of course thats fine… ….    …. Why not?”

“Im on my period.”

Well the movie is a classic, and somehow I managed to get her shirt and bra off. If I wasn’t getting any play I at least wanted the behemoth boobies smashed up against me. As the flick progressed she told me I was making her horny. I was just watching the movie if truth be told but I decided to roll with it. Eventually she went to the bathroom to extract her tampon. I had never banged a chick on the rag before, but it wasn’t that bad. To me it just smells like fresh beef. The pussy feels a little different too… a little… chunky. I commented that her flow wasn’t all that bad and she admitted to being on birth control. I took this as permission to blow my load inside her. Later on as she was straddling me she pulled up off my cock and farted some of the splooge back out on to my thigh. I don’t know why but thats probably the hottest thing Ive seen in my entire life. We fucked until the movie was over and she said she had to go but kept staying and kissing me. I decided to be a smartass and said

“How can I miss you if you won’t go away?”

Needless to say she left shortly thereafter. I was feeling pretty good about the whole situation. Well, I waited about four days and invited her skiing. The answer in a roundabout way, was no. Fuck. I messed up. Well all I had to do was keep reading game blogs to diagnose the problems. Ive bolded them above. Move on. That was the only answer. I kept approaching chicks and got laid a week later with this girl.

I was perusing Facebook. Affiliated with Facebook is a college confessions site. You make anonymous posts that have the potential to be funny, but most of them are just pathetic. There she was. Talking about me. Accusing me of misogyny. Lamenting her confusion of having a stable of cocks at her disposal. Saying she would rather focus on her dogs. Would rather focus on her education and career.  I guess that makes it official. She loved to hate me.

Fuck facebook. Its garbage. I deleted it.

I sent her one last message explaining my intentions and asking for another shot. I knew the answer even before I let it fly.

That girl the manosphere always talks about? The feminist, careerist, slut, with daddy issues? Ya, I found her… Then it dawned on me… They’re all like that! Lets be rational for a moment gentleman. That stereotype wouldn’t have developed if there weren’t overwhelming anecdotal evidence to support it. Fuck, Ive seen it in my life. The blue pill blinders are gone. My dream of finding a young fertile wife to bear me 8 strapping young sons and 4 beautiful daughters to help work this dirt clod is just that. A dream. Is that too much to ask? Apparently.

So we end up with Grody. The manospheres first involuntary MGTOW.

Live and learn.

And if I am a misogynist? Well, at least Ill be a misogynist who gets laid.


2 thoughts on “Hit-And-Run Leads To Awesome Sex (Part 2)

  1. Hey Grody, just stumbled upon your blog and decided to drop a comment here.

    Regarding your troubles with this girl, there really is no point looking for particular behaviours that led to the results you’re observing as those are likely just manifestations of the underlying problem. Women are really good at sniffing out who you are, so you cannot hide it just by tweaking your behaviour. The best way to handle this is to just move on, do more approaches, and fuck more girls. Success will change you, and women will notice.

    And again going back to this particular girl. Women are ruled by emotions, and emotions tend to change pretty rapidly. It might simply be that she met her ex in these four days, or her girlfriends brainwashed her, or her hormonal cycle has messed up with her reasoning. You never know, and there really is no point trying to guess what went wrong.

    Good luck on your quest!


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