A wall of grey was slowly approaching. The blizzard would hit in half an hour. He sits there, bloated, and ribs us about getting a couple of lanterns so that we can work in the dark. Im on my 25th post. The ground is definitely frozen. I have been furiously pummeling these metal rods with a 20 pound cylindrical tube hammer. I can feel the carpel tunnel manifesting. Before his jabs I had been wondering If work like this is the reason middle age blue collar guys have knuckles that a so big and knobby.

“The moment you get out and pound one post is the minute I work through this blizzard.”

The car door opens. Immediately. 

“Alright. Gimme that damn thing.”

This guy is 84. Obese. Diabetic. Right now he can barely walk. Theres no doubt in my mind that he would have hurt himself. But he’s definitely pounded some posts in his day. After some backpedalling and fast talking I managed to get him back in the car. Would he have attempted it?

You bet your ass.

Your body may be broken. Your kidneys may be failing. Your mind might not be as sharp as it used to be. You may wake up with pain every. single. day.

Just remember, nothings over until you fuckin say it is.


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