Some Tunes

They’re a bit on the eclectic side.

Chasin Galaxies – GRiZ

This track takes a little time to while to warm up. But nobody is going to complain as the synth and sample lines gradually grow more complex. Finally the Wu-Tang hook piques interest as the drop rumbles its way into one of your new favorite electronica tunes. Uses: Expanding universal and spiritual consciousness.

667 – Bluetech (Kayla Scintilla Remix)

Tribal bongos might be the listeners first clue that this song ain’t run of the mill. Definitely slower with plenty of bass, this little diddy keeps you guessing with indigenous instruments blended perfectly with dirty synths. Uses: Easy listening while chopping up lines on the coffee table with raver girls. (not that I know anything about that)

Lisztomania – Phoenix (Alex Metric Remix)

Wasting no time, one of my favorite underdog DJs Alex Metric, gets right to a four on the floor pounding. If listeners are fans of the band Phoenix, they will be blown away by spectacular builds that don’t interrupt the flow. Uses: Dancing… or pumping out some reps… your choice.

La Fong – Opiuo (ft. D-Sens)

Definitely dirty. Definitely hypnotic. This track finds that elusive balance between interlude and groove. If you’re a Bassophile, you’re sure to not be disappointed. Uses: Driving all night after 16 hours of manual labour.

December, 1963 – The Four Seasons

This song needs no explanation.

Zion – Fluke

Who could forget this scene huh? Bare feet sliding in the mud… Naked bodies grinding with wild abandon… A half-assed sex scene with two actors who aren’t very good looking… Well I’ve put a name to it and found some classic techno that people will recognize but won’t be able to place. Uses: Fending off the impending doom of thousands of angry squid like robots.


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