Site Disclaimer

I didn’t want to do this. No matter how politely I phrase this its going to come off sounding annoyed. Having said that… I will write about whatever I damn well please. I make no money whatsoever off my writing. This blog came about as an outlet for all the thoughts that rattle around in my head every day. I used to write blowhard purple pill crap on my Facebook feed before I found the ‘sphere in massive frustration that nobody seemed to care about all the lies being shoved down our throats every day. Now I’ve found a community of like minded individuals who I can discuss these things with and not have to feel like a total outcast. I understand that theres money involved. Well not on my end. If I inadvertently step on anyones toes with the ideas I propagate on this page… Well I feel badly about that. Im not a self-improvement guru. Im not a PUA. Im not a MGTOW. Im not a politician. Im a little bit of all these things. This is a live action account of my life according to red pill principles. Especially my failures. I will not sugarcoat my life just to give off the image that Im getting everything right every time. Any self improvement advice I give has always linked directly to the experts. Starting this blog (whatever it is) has been great. I don’t want to see writers discouraged from joining this community because you run the risk of messing with someones money. Lastly, this is the internet. Its as close to a functioning anarchy as humans will ever get. You’re allowed to disagree with someone. Ive seen my writing and ideas floating amongst and plastered in a dozen other websites. Im not complaining about that. If you build off my ideas; great. If you disagree with me, thats great too. Thats kinda what we’re all about. Coming to the truth by any means necessary. Combating the decay of our society. And most of all, being happy on an individual basis.

I seriously did not expect such a backlash on my “Want vs. Need” post. So far Chris has been the only one to agree with me on this mindset conundrum.


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