Why Im A Sexist

Usually the socio-political discussions I engage in are limited to my family. Whenever the conversation goes on for any length of time the accusation of sexism always gets thrown around. I don’t want to contribute my tax dollars to welfare single baby mommas? Sexist. I think that female CEOs and bosses of any variety are poor leaders? Sexist. Im of the opinion that everyones insurance premiums are going up to pay for women’s birth control is complete bullshit? Sexist. They never come out and say it with clear conviction; “Grody, you’re a sexist!” They always say it in a roundabout way, looking at all the participants of the discussion for support. I got a little tired of the ring-around-the-rosie way they were labeling me, so I started outright asking them; “Are you accusing me of being a sexist?” to which the answer was always a whimpered “Yes.”

“So what?”

I am a sexist. I discriminate against people based on sex. I would have to be a real dunce not to notice all the shitty treatment chicks have been leveling at me since day one. Thats the beauty of going Galt. (or MGTOW before Elam ruined it.) I can walk around every day being “Grody the sexist” and it has absolutely no effect on my life whatsoever. If I were going to hire someone to run machinery, I would hire a man. If I were going to hire a secretary, I would hire a woman. If I could afford it, I would pay the man more because his job is actually dangerous. Does that piss you girls off?


In the life I lead, you have absolutely no legal way to impose consequences on me. Im outside your matrix. This “sexist” label is just another shaming tool designed to shut you up. It has no power at all when you are outside of a conventional employment or social structure. By the same token I could be a racist or a homophobe (homo-hater?) if I wanted to. However I see no reason for that because those two groups (minorities and fags) aren’t constantly trying to police what I say. As far as I know theres no laws against “being a jerk”



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