The Mission

Words, words, words… What are all these words we constantly read always about? Why do we write them? Why do we go about our days digesting and thinking about the concepts others convey to us through these words? We mull over our responses and disagreements, sometimes paying little attention to what we are currently engaged in. I believe, most words are conceived and birthed with one simple intention.

To be Happy, and share that happiness.

Its working. At least for me. Once you actually start to think and observe it all starts falling into place. Granted, there are growing pains at first as your world reorders and restructures itself to fit into a new reality were your baseline level happiness increases day by day. Throughout my journey I’ve found one simple strategy for satisfaction, even in the worst of circumstances. You’ve heard it a million times.


Want to feel better? Say thank you. If you can stop for just one second and think of something you genuinely appreciate about your life or current circumstances, hold that concept in your mind, give it words within your mind, and broadcast your gratitude about that thing to the atmosphere, you will feel happier. But don’t just take my word for it. Try it. Right now. Pick something. Im serious. Do it.

There. Feel better? I thought so. If you can manage to remember what I just taught you at various points in the day it will add to your life significantly. Even someone in the shittiest mudhole on earth could use this tactic to great benefit. I can bet you that a grunt who was fated to die in the trenches during WWI managed to think to himself – “Death looms over my soul every waking hour. I haven’t washed in weeks. My wife is probably sleeping with her boss. My feet are rotting inside my boots… But you know what? This cigarette tastes excellent right now. I think I’ll blow a pretty blue smoke ring, that will drift away and disperse… ”

Thats the power of positive thinking. Even the tiniest glimmer of light in the darkness renders the evil insignificant. Like one twinkling star in an infinite void of darkness… What would your eyes naturally choose to see? Would you turn your back on that one star in this hypothetical vacuum? Would you face the other way and choose to see nothing but blackness? You could… But I’m guessing its not your natural inclination. You would gaze at that one speck of light knowing there was something else out there. That even if the whole rest of the universe was dismal you would know there was hope. Even if it took you a million years, you would blow out puffs of air, one inch of gain at a time, to get to that star.

Galadriel: Why the Halfling? 

Gandalf: I do not know. Saruman believes it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay… small acts of kindness and love. Why Bilbo Baggins? Perhaps it is because I am afraid… and he gives me courage.

So. Now that you know this crucial secret to happiness, will you keep it to yourself? Will you let your fellow man turn his back on the good inherent in the world and focus only on the bullshit? Will you be the crab that escapes the bucket and goes on his merry crab way, or will you lend a claw downward and help the other crabs escape their own negativity?

The sad fact is, most people have no patience for deep thinking or philosophy. You could attempt to explain this concept in so many words, as I have just done, but they will probably accuse you of being a dork, and stop listening. Instead, do what I have started doing. Give words to the simple gratitude.

When you are eating ribs at your favorite BBQ joint say:

“MMMmmm… I can’t believe the universe delivered something so perfect, right to me.”

When you see a particularly beautiful sunset don’t simply settle for “Wow, thats so beautiful.” Really try to engage their minds and bring them into the whole phenomenon. Enthrall them. Drag them into the creation.

“Look at the way the purple bleeds into the red! Is that green? You don’t normally see that color in a sunset”

In a cold room in January, as you turn on the space heater:

“Its so ingenious. Electricity is running through these elements. The resistance it meets turns them red and gives them heat. It blows my mind how something so small can solve one of the greatest problems humans have ever faced. Its ours. Its for us…

It was made for us…


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