A Thought On Terrible Posture

Its a widely known fact that people have been getting taller as the decades roll onward. The primary reason cited is an increase in total nutrition and volume of food available to the modern man. Never mind the fact that women select reproductively for height. In the 18th century the average height for a caucasian man was 5’5″. In 300 years average height has shot up to about 5’10”. Five inches isn’t that big of a deal right? Well, lets put it this way… If you woke up tomorrow five inches taller do you suppose people wouldn’t notice? This is just talking averages and ignoring outliers.

Ive included one of those things they make you learn how to interpret in fourth grade if you like those kinda things. (I’m guessing the height is in centimeters. I dunno, I’m ‘murican.)

So confusing…

Whats my point? Im getting there dammit.

I live in a house that was constructed 120 years ago. My people weren’t exactly the tallest in the land either, so this is reflected in their construction. Ive been blessed to rise to a height of six feet on the dot, even coming from below average height parents. (Milk man?) However, when I navigate this house I’m constantly having to stoop and navigate with my head facing downwards. I have to hunch just to fucking see what I’m doing. When I pilot cars and trucks from the 70s and 80s its obvious that the vehicles were not designed with my size in mind. My legs have to scrunch and sometimes my head even hits the ceiling. Counters, chairs, toilets, desks… All that stuff is made for someone a few to several inches shorter than me.

As we all know, posture and the way you hold yourself is directly related to your testosterone production. My question is, if we are being forced by our very surroundings to assume a submissive posture? If the answer to that is yes, as I’ve tried to illustrate, what can we do about it?

Burn down your old house and start driving a Hummer.

Hey I didn’t say I had a viable solution…


One thought on “A Thought On Terrible Posture

  1. I thought it was just me…

    I recently bought myself a new coat which is cut to fit nicely but with enough room to breathe. It is broad across the shoulders and tapers slightly to the waist. Basically, it’s a man’s coat that flatters the classic broad-shouldered, narrow-waisted male physique.

    But here’s the rub – if I stand up straight (head up, shoulders back) it pulls across my chest whereas if I’m slouching with my shoulders forward it fits comfortably. Are people exhibiting poor posture and clothing manufacturers are designing clothes to accommodate this or are we being encouraged to stoop and adopt a submissive posture?

    Maybe I should shop at a more upmarket retailer where the future leaders of the world and captains of industry buy their clothes and not mix with the hoi polloi who are destined to bend, bow, scrape and scurry their way through life?


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