Called Out

Today one of the big dogs barked this puppy into submission. Ive been resting on my laurels. Sitting on my thumbs enjoying the fruits of what I’ve accomplished in the last year and a half. Enjoying myself. Taking it easy. I put on 15 lbs of muscle a few months ago, and now I’ve been coasting. I found a way to make significantly more money (for me anyways) so I’ve backed off on other solutions or making this one better. Now I’m finally making music whereas a year ago I would only piss and moan that I wanted to try it out. If I put just a little bit of effort in I can now find a woman to have sex with me, when two years ago I would scream up at the sky about how unfair life was. I really have come a long ways from the little bitch I used to be.

But this guy… he says good enough ain’t good enough. Im going to take his word for it. Why? Because the only reason I managed to accomplish any of those things was following his advice in the first place. So now I’m going to throw it all out there. Going to let hundreds of strangers see my bare naked soul in this one next line.

I DO want to be famous! I NEED to be famous.

At night I hear intricate, beautiful, bass filled music in my dreams. When I wake up… Its gone. I need to capture that and put it into the computer. The rest will follow.

Its do or die. Because knowing I could have but didn’t, would be worse than death for me. In the words of my deceased grandfather “Being satisfied is bullshit.” I got caught up in the trap. Its time to stop fucking around.

The takeaway from all this? Don’t start a blog chronicling your self improvement journey unless you want a swift kick in the balls. This guy will do it. Its his job.

ya… Im scared to post this… fuck…


4 thoughts on “Called Out

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  2. really like your blog homie.
    So I’m not the only one whos crazy huh? When I go to sleep its like a band of angels is broadcasting music from above if I only care to listen. Its different each time, sometimes rock, sometimes classical, sometimes techno, I have no control lol. Weird thing is-I’m not even a musician! I was thinking, try using your mouth to make noises that approximate the rhythms at least and put ur smartphone next to your head. The next night maybe you will remember some of it.


    • Thanks for cheering me up man. I don’t think recording the dreams should be the goal as much as realizing that the music is always there all the time anyway. Ive been hitting the piano scales to try get to a point where I can just make shit up that sounds cool.

      Sounds like you should really pick up an instrument. Its a great way to blow off steam and is meditative. I might do a post here about some of the most simple guitar chords and how you can play dozens of songs with just them.


      • I’m with idontwantutoknow. Blog is cool.

        It’s also great to hear that guys around this part of the web play instruments. I pick up my guitar from time to time but I’m a drummer by heart.


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