Grody Gone Galt

Im a long time fan of Don’T Tread and The Green Steelheads podcast. In it they advocate a Get out of the system (GOOTS) approach to life. Im sure you are familiar with the advantages of such a lifestyle. If you aren’t taking handouts from the nanny state, supporting yourself, and not contributing beyond the bare required minimum to society; you can pretty much just fart in their general direction every time a policy change is made to benefit the “me firsts” and the “gimme gimmes”

A cattle ranch is the perfect place to go Galt. Unlimited high quality protein for food. Gas and diesel in storage tanks. Modern (for the most part) machine shop to make repairs. Miles of space to isolate you from the crazies. Guns and ammo for when they decide to come to you anyway. Its been almost a year since I moved back here with little to no plan of ever moving back to town. Every day that goes by I give less and less fucks for whatever the movers and shakers in the big city are doing.

I can stay as busy, or as not busy, as I want. There are some exceptions, but most days putting in 5-6 hours of work puts me at an acceptable level of accomplishment for the day. Raising beef is a marathon, not a sprint. Before when I was living out here in the fog of blue-pill ignorance I couldn’t take my mind off how much I was missing.

I really miss buying expensive coffee in town and going on thousand dollar clothes shopping sprees. I have to get a bullshit degree to get a medium salary job. Gotta wear a suit with a tie and have an eco friendly car. Where can a steady guy like me find an equal partner that wants to support me as much as I do her? Im so lonely. I bet all my buddies are getting hammered and having a great time this weekend and I’m stuck slaving away out here…


The ability to be able to see through all the BS is probably the greatest gift a man can be given. Except it can’t be given. It has to be taken for oneself. One of the hardest red pills for me personally to swallow was the fact that a woman will never love me in the way I’m capable of loving her. She loves the plush couch, nice carpet, wooden paneling, and soothing music inside the elevator. She doesn’t give two fucks about the gaping shaft, cables, pulleys, and electric motors that make it go up and down, bringing her to new places. Once I went through the stages of grief and finally accepted this truth about the world, things started to go a little better, then a little more better. Then I realized that life had been great the entire time.

Now I think back on that pathetic little beta with a mixture of pity and revulsion. I hunt down the remaining remnants of him and meditate on the best ways to destroy them from my personality. I found one today. Another little beta piece that needs smashing. Im committed to self improvement. That is probably one of the founding pillars of this little counter culture movement. Getting in shape. Making more money. Running game. Reading great works and getting smarter. Some days I would fall short of accomplishment…

Play guitar… Don’t play guitar

Work out… Don’t work out

Read great works… Don’t read at all

Jerk off to porn… Don’t Jerk off

Program electronic music… Don’t program electronic music

Cook nutritious meal… Eat frozen bean burritos

Shave… Don’t shave

I would feel guilty on days where I fell more on the lazy end of the spectrum and it would eat me up at night. But then I realized it doesn’t matter. Nobody is standing over you with a whip MAKING you be the best version of yourself possible. Self improvement should come from a positive place of genuinely wanting to be better. Not as a competition with the rest of the world. It never ends. Theres always gonna be someone better than you. Im in pretty good shape. I don’t have a six pack but I probably look better naked than most men. I have more musical ability than 95% of the worlds population, but I’m not a professional. You will always be your own worst critic. As long as I’m working towards my #1 goal of being the best cattleman I can be, all that other shit takes a seat on the back burner.

I have goals ok. For this winter my number one goal… Is to buy a motorcycle. Ive found a way to consistently pull in $700-$800 dollars more per month. On top of my regular paycheck thats close to two grand a month with almost zero living expenses. I guess this could be considered my MGTOW diatribe. I like plowing fresh poon as much as the next guy, but now that I know I can get women with just a little more effort, its time to focus on other things. Maybe… Just maybe… your life kicks ass, and you don’t even realize it.

Take it easy… Or don’t

Your choice.


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