This is a post for the ladies. Hopefully I can shed some light on the average mans physical and sexual preferences in a woman. I know this is how I am. Ive talked to many other men and we’ve all pretty much come to the same conclusion. Not all men are like this mind you, but for the vast majority of blokes this list holds true. So without further adooo.

1. Boobs. Huge tits are unwieldy, but the novelty is amazing. Big boobs are great. Small boobs are good too.

2. Ass. A huge ass will immediately catch (and hold) my attention. Big butts are great for holding onto. Small butts are cute and deserve a slapping.

3. Stomach. A well earned beer gut doesn’t throw me off as long as the rest of her is in normal proportion. A little bit of flab (I think most women are in this category) looks good with navel jewelry and is fun to jizz on. A trim tummy looks sexy no matter what. A six pack… well, Ill give you my opinion once I’ve found one.

4. Legs. Big hips and calves are great and really bring out the caveman in me. Slender legs are feminine and make me salivate. If you have short legs that means you are short, which for some reason I find extra attractive.

5. Hair. Blondes are bodacious. Brunettes are sultry. Redheads are fiery.

Are you getting the gist of what I’m trying to say? Most guys aren’t THAT picky. Barring some ultra heinous deformity most dudes would probably take you for a roll in the hay. Having said this however Ill now turn to the UNattractive category.

1. Fat. You know who you are!

2. Ugly. Can’t fix ugly.

Hope this clears up the ladies questions. And remember, if you do run into a guy that has a weird hangup about some really stupid minor physical trait that you possess. Next him. The world is full of dong.


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