The Third Eye: Occult VooDoo, or Legitimate Metaphysicality?

In case you were wondering… No, metaphysicality is not a real word.

Its a pretty difficult topic to cover. There is a lot of new age stigma attached to this concept. Putting aside spirit crystals and channeling for the moment; lets get down to brass tacks and explain what the Third Eye actually is. You can search online all day and never really get a clear answer. Some words commonly associated are: Potential, Perception, Knowing, Judgement, Intention… In effect, all of these words are trying to convey to you a form of otherworldly awareness. If you want to know exactly what the third eye is, I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that

nobody really knows…

If they did, that would take a lot of the fun out of it, wouldn’t it? The only clear thing about the Third Eye is that it is a sensory organ of some type. It is commonly used to judge the character of others, predict the future, and communicate telepathically. Wise men have, for centuries, been awakening this dormant awareness to seek truths mere plebes cannot begin to fathom. Sounds neat huh!? I bet you all can’t wait to get started on opening it. Not so fast. How can you judge others with all that baggage you’re carrying around?

I had just quit my job and isolated myself from all friends and most family. I was looking for answers. I was using hallucinogens and weed to escape and meditate. There had to be an answer out there somewhere. I found information on opening the Third Eye. Well, since I already had been practicing meditation it wasn’t much of a step to include the opening procedures listed on the internet. Yes. That pressure in the middle of my forehead. It was working… Then came the night visions. Clouds of insects devouring the world. Family framing me and sending me to jail. Horrific sex scenes of beastiailty. Anything that and everything under the sun that could put me off. It ruined my day, my week, my months. When would these horrific visions subside? What in the world could save me from them? Not to mention my thoughts seemed to broadcast to others. Not the reverse. I was a wreck. One night when the prospect of facing another fresh horror was too much, I said to the darkness. “Not tonight… Not again. I just can’t do it tonight.” Dreamless sleep. Mercy. What this told me what that I was working with another conscious entity. (if not many) See I had opened my Third Eye without much research into the whole process. I just thought it would be sweet to see the future. Now that I knew I wasn’t the source of all these nightmares I could handle them properly. By not giving a fuck. Longtime friend stabbing me in the neck with a spear? “Huh weird” Car wreck leaving me as a quadriplegic? “Dam that sux” Eventually I started laughing at whatever could be conjured up as it was happening. Thats when the visions left me in peace, returning to my regularly scheduled programming of strangeness without the horror.

Ive come out the other side of the nightmares a much more fearless individual. Thats what this opening process was teaching me. Fear is pointless. You know who doesn’t deserve the awesome power of a sixth sense? A scaredy puss afraid of his own nightmares, however horrible they might be. All your fears and insecurities will be laid bare. But they will be laid bare before you and nobody else. Deal with them however you need.

My third eye has been opened. I can feel the pressure in my forehead, and know things that I should have no way of knowing. The night it awakened I knew, just knew that my friend would be arrested for drunk driving. I went on a quest with his girlfriend at the time to bail him out. She had lost her wallet and I knew it was in her sheets. When we got to her bedroom I knew that I could have had sex with her. I also knew it was the wrong thing to do.

My life is on a much better path because of this awakening. Your life would probably benefit psychologically too. But beware, it aint for pussys.


2 thoughts on “The Third Eye: Occult VooDoo, or Legitimate Metaphysicality?

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  2. Your story sounds similar to mine. I also feel the pressure on my forehead. It may not be completely open yet, as I lack clairvoyance. But I think it gave me quite an improved ability to understand people.

    I live for the nightmares. They are things of beauty. What meditation did you use to open the third eye?


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