Diaubeetus is unavoidable, so don’t even try.

Well everyone Ive got good news. There is absolutely nothing you can do to avoid type 2 diabeetus. So you can stop all that eating right and pesky exercise. You see, it turns out that if your family is predisposed to diabetes then thats just genetics. Some people win genetics and most people lose genetics. My family is highly prone to this completely random and indiscriminate disease so Id like to provide a case study to show you how random this monstrosity really is.

Grandpa- Had back surgery at 58 and got really fat, then got diaubeetus

Grandma- Got fat 10 years ago, and genetics magically decided to give her diaubeetus

1st son- Former marine, fit, no diabeetus

2nd son- Gastrointerologist, takes lots of walks, fit, no diabeetus

3rd son- Retired for 20 years, always been fat, got diabeetus

4th son- Eats candy and soda all day, getting fat, getting diabeetus

5th son- Ate junk food all day while playing dark age of camelot. Super fat. Died of a brain tumor with… DIABEETUS!

I get my catheters through Liberty Mutual

Well looks like my folks are right. I can’t logically draw any sort of conclusions from that list. After #NoNothingNovember I think Ill just go right back to swilling sugar water with all the medical professionals who got their degree on Fox News.


Seriously though… Habits make or break you. Even if this nasty disease were completely random, what good would it do you to think within a powerless framework? My experience with forsaking sugared drinks has been made a whole lot harder because these people who claim to love me are constantly pushing this poison on me. It just goes to show that there are those who will not take kindly to your self improvement journey. Why? Because you are reminding them that they could have done something different. Cut down on the sugar gents. Its only been 2 weeks and I’ve lost two belt notches. Oh ya… and the next time someone tries to tell you all they know about genetics just ask them if they can pronounce the long version of “DNA” odds are they can’t..


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