A Love Letter

Ever since we met, you’ve always been there for me. Growing up ain’t easy, and it was good to know I always had a friend nearby to calm me down when the world spat on me. You taught me that, by God, if the world is gonna spit on you, you turn right back around and spit on it! Heh, we’ve had some good times you and me. The vodka bonging… 17 hour acid trips… Ski bumming around the state… If I’m having a good time you’re always right there to make it just that much better. You make good times better and terrible times tolerable. Long sleepy drives with nobody to bounce ideas off of except for you; thanks for keeping me awake and alive… Boring ass college lecture halls filled with emasculated zombies and blatant marxist rhetoric… I remember having to submerge my hands in salt water in -30 degree weather and work with iron; the only one to comfort me that day was you. You give me a commonality with so many men, we will always have something to talk about because we all adore you so much. Hell, when I kiss a woman, I want her to kiss you too. She needs to know about the relationship we have.

I miss you Copenhagen…

Will you have me back after #NoNothingNovember?


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