#NoNothingNovember Leads To Dumpster Diving

Grody goes there so you don’t have to. As any male with an above average libido knows, after about a week of abstinence, things tend to become a little distorted. About the only time I manage to get away from this ranch is when my room mate drives to town to waste money at Texas-hold-em. I was playing like shit, more to fill up the evening than anything else. I scan the limited country bar to see the new waitress tripping over her own feet after she makes eye contact. A few minutes later I see her and the bar tender blatantly discussing me. (A lot of game is just pulling your head out of your ass, seriously…) I stand up from the poker table, throw my shoulders back, march over there and loudly ask what the hell is going on. Long and short of it is this new waitress is creaming her jeans over me. I kino early and make myself unavailable shortly after introductions. Lady luck wasn’t with me at cards that night, so I took the remainder of my chips and bought the old timers at the table all a shot of crown. Now its push pull, and mostly just letting her talk. I make it sound easy but here comes the bad part. She’s a hog. Probably 30 to 40 pounds overweight. Making her a hard 4. (could have gone to a 6 if she lost the nasty beluga gut) If not for #NoNothingNovember and my commitment to no fap for this month, I never would have gone through with it. BUT this jam has gotta go somewhere. I made her give me a menthol, kiss close, and a few minutes later we were going back to my place. Why my place? Well she mentioned she had four kids, so I didn’t think it would be very polite to wake them. She drove me in a brand new Grand Caravan. How can a single mother of four afford a brand new Dodge Grand Caravan on waitress wages? Hmm… who knows. We arrive at my humble upstairs abode and I pop in a movie (The Last Samurai, one of my favorites) just to keep up appearances. I strip her down and find she has an intravenous insulin machine. A diabetic. Yep. I fucked her. I got off. Started fucking her a second time and she squirted all over my bed. Ive never made a chick squirt before. I always imagined it would be, like… really cool… Its not. Washing my sheets was the first order of business today.

So… a takeaway.

Once I found game I managed to pull an 8, a 6, and then another 8. Now I’m at this atrocity. This was just stupid. I derived pretty much no satisfaction from the whole ordeal. My only consolation is that I’ve banged worse… I guess the whole thing was really just to see if I could do it. Now at least I won’t have to worry about the whole pornography temptation for another couple of days. But gents… Don’t go dumpster diving when you know you can do better.


Almost forgot…


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