Day 1

Damn you Kid Strangelove.

For #NoNothingNovember I am giving up entirely, Sugared drinks, Copenhagen, and Porn+first person shooters. I have no doubt I can give all of these things up, as I have done so in the past.

Today was rough. I said goodbye to smutty websites with a final hurrah of mega jizzbombs last night. That always leaves me feeling depleted and depressed the next morning. Which was an early one. I awoke at 6 am and kissed my Copenhagen can goodbye as I sent it sailing straight above the rim of the garbage can and into the wall. I pretended that I made the shot and sluggishly got ready for a massive cattle drive.

All was going exceedingly well until I realized I was surrounded by incompetent boobs. One senile, two lazy, and the rest inexperienced. Usually this is when I pop in a friendly little chew. I gotta wonder where my grandpa gets these lousy tourists. Can’t complain too loudly though. I have a feeling the price was right.

So after shouting my head off all morning and finally getting 300 pairs where they were supposed to be, it was time for lunch. By this time I had a massive headache. You know what usually clears that right up? Coca-cola. Thats all that was on the menu. Seriously. The people I live around are so unhealthy it dozen’t occur to them that all they are drinking most of the time is pure sugar. I filled my plastic bottle up in the stream, so if I die of dysentary I want my tombstone to blame Kid Strangelove.

After work I was tempted to stop by the gas station to get and energy drink. I didn’t even occur to me that they are loaded with sugar. So much for that Idea.

Pretty fragmented writing, but Im just giving an update. I know all of these things are terrible for my health. Especially in the amounts I normally indulge. I had a particularly brilliant burst of creativity tonight working in Logic pro x. Coincidence? probably not.

Until next time. tu hombre.



3 thoughts on “Day 1

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  2. How do you know that these things are terrible for your health? Which authority has your best interests at heart? I ask these questions because they are often asked of me and I am curious to know your answer.


  3. Sugar gives you boobs. Which are unfashionable on men. Chew is highly correlated with cancer. Which is ok I guess, but not for me. Porn makes me lethargic. That is not good for plundering vaginas. It doesn’t have much to do with trusting gurus. Just read the info, and if it jives with what you have experienced… Its probably accurate.


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